Age 25 – More stamina, charisma and emotional stability


I’m 25. Male. Definite increase in female attraction, increase in overall charisma, more emotional stability. Negative states are less intense and don’t last as long. More stamina and strength.

I have candida (systemic yeast infection) and so the benefits tend disappear occasionally and be replaced with candida symptoms.

I started NoFap because I hate porn and realized I was addicted to it. Feeling excellent about putting distance between myself and negative habits. I used to PMO 3x/ day and so I’m happy with my new self where I never do that. My only “O” will be through sex and that’s it. Never masturbating again.

I quit all social media besides r/NoFap. I never peek at porn or anything suggestive. I also never edge or touch anywhere.

I also started wearing my smart watch on my right wrist with a watch face that says “NoPMO”.

LINK – 5 more days until I’ve beat my all-time hardmode record!

By XenFuture