Age 25 – Morning wood now much healthier!

show us your morning wood

I am here to say something about myself which would basically motivate those starting their journey with nofap. Today as I woke up I felt the morning wood which is quite common but the uncommon part is that it was really wooden. My dick felt really hard. Moreover it was in perfect shape. So it was a good or say very good erection.

This is special because before starting nofap (36 days ago) morning wood was something very rare and even when it would occur my dick erected loosely and shaft was thinner than the glans (not impressive an erection). So this is the direct benefit of nofap on penis to me.

PS – today is not the first time I experienced so hard a morning wood, in this nofap streak. It started just after say 10 to 12 days of starting the streak. It’s just that I am posting today coz I came across some people who were skeptical about effect of nofap on the penile health.

I am 25. Definitely there are more benefits like increased aggression (to an extent that should be there), more manliness and confidence, high energy level, etc

But I do meditation too so can’t say if these are just from nofap or a combination of both meditation and nofap.

LINK Really Wooden morning woods !!

By RahulDev51