Age 25 – People do not believe me when I tell them I had crippling depression and anxiety

I always used this community years ago (~2014-2016), and wanted to do this AMA to explain my life story, motivate others, and answer any questions. Stories like this gave me motivation back in the day. Here it goes.

Throughout my childhood, I always played video games for hours on end after school and avoiding all social activities. By always played video games, I mean 8 hours at least a day. With all this video games came compulsive porn use, but I never noticed it was a problem. When I attended college, I had such bad anxiety at some point I could not make a phone call, go to grocery stores, or even leave my apartment without my heart racing. I had no idea what the issue was but I continued to indulge in computers/porn. I barely had any friends, never talked to girls, and I did not know what it meant to be happy. I had a very naïve outlook on the world, could never stand up for my beliefs, and was constantly anxious.

My buddy showed me a Ted Talks video on porn and I looked into changing my old habits and who I was. I knew this was a major cause of my problems. I understood my porn consumption and computer consumption addictions were due to childhood issues I never recognize or faced. I received a lot of bullying growing up due to my ethnicity from few teachers and fellow students, never took time to develop social skills, and I also was never confident in myself or recognize my own sexuality. I viewed myself as as second class human.

I quit pornography and joined a gym. By quit, I mean I recognized it was a problem and understood every time I watched I was hurting my mind. This was a long journey itself. I talked to the first girl EVER in my life at the age of 20. By talked, I mean literally talked. I never talked or obtained a girls phone number before that. Things went horrible. Next few girls things went horribly as well. But I learned. My journey in the gym went from dirty bulks, to cutting, to recognizing mistakes with diet. But again, I learned. I messed up in so many other aspects but I learned

Fast forward 5+ year, I am very happy with where I am in life, my career, and myself as a person. I cannot recognize the person I was 5+ years ago at all. I am viewed as the most out-going and happy person, and people do not believe me when I tell them I had crippling depression and anxiety to the point of paralysis. I am in the best shape of my life, and people believe I have always been this attractive, happy extroverted person. I have countless female friends, a girlfriend, and many male friends, when before I had hardly any friends and never talked to girls.

I am a much more compassionate person toward others (or at least I think so) and I connect and understand individuals much easier. I still battle with anxiety a bit but no where as before.

I am not saying nofap is the answer to your problems, but I believe there are a lot of stimulation and forms of escape teenagers and young adults indulge in without recognizing its major issues.

I can dive into more specifics but I want to thank individuals of the youtube community and nofap community with my help.

LINK – AMA – Someone who changed their life drastically with main contribution to Nofap. Crippling Social Anxiety and Depression to True Happiness

By NoGivingUp007