Age 25 – PIED, 2-year flatline, I am more masculine, sexually confident and sexually abundant


I was heavily addicted to porn at the age of 11, explored everything since then, and I started to become insensitive to porn and an actual sex. I saw many failed attempts to erect my penis with few of the partners I have met during college, and I saw this as a serious problem. At this time, I was a pothead, porn-addict college boy with many different substance addictions and mental illness. I went to good college, but I had no life.

[Journey] .

My journey began on Early 2015 as I discovered NoFap Subreddit and the problem with porn and masturbation.. First month, immense sexual urge. I failed many times. Every once a week I would experience nocturnal emission. Usually my ejaculation frequency was about 7 to 10 days. Then, the abstinence increased.. and I finally succeeded going through 90 days.

First 90 days journey was something that I cannot describe. You feel immensely motivated, energized, and you have the laser sharp focus. Girls start noticing you more, they get attracted to you more; guys respect you more. You have stronger intuition, and you get a lot of compliment that I look good. Never before the journey I had received any compliment about my looks and sexual attractiveness. Ever since I started NoFap journey, where-ever I go I get the compliment that I am “cute” or “handsome.”

I did not go through 3.5 years straight with no-PMO. There were times when I watched porn and masturbated. But I didn’t place too much of a guilt and pressure on it. My average streak would be around 45days to 60 days. Now, it’s been more than a year since I have watched porn, or ever touched my penis with my own hand. It’s only being touched by girl’s hand, mouth, and pussy. 😉

[Erectile Dysfunction] .

After 2 months, my penis went dead. NO erection whatsoever, and I felt no sex drive. This went about.. 2 years. For 2 years, I would not feel anything. No interest about women, I would not be aroused by any sexy women, no sex drive, this drove me crazy. It was tough. I felt like I would never be sexually aroused forever in my life. I would never have a healthy sex life. It stripped away my sense of being a men in a fundamental way, because I would not feel any sex drive. After couple months, I would just let go.

[Transformation] .

There’s way too many different areas I saw a transformation in my life. NoFap is not about just quitting porn and jacking off. It is about transforming yourself as a whole human being for the better. Outlook on life definitely changed. I matured a lot. I also face the reality as how it is, rather than how I seemed to avoid it and create my own fictional reality in my head through porn and substance abuse. I think this was good and bad. You take the absolute reality of how society works, the nature of human beings, and the women in general. It hurts to take the pill, but once you accept it, it is how it is and you know how to play this game of life from now on. I am going to keep it short as possible.

  • Depression cured.
  • Porn doesn’t arouse me. I don’t know why. Seeing a video of a women having sex with other man just doesn’t entertain me anymore.
  • ED cured. After 3 years. Now I enjoy sex with multiple women. Women say sex with me is amazing. When I feel tired or drunk (sometimes) however, I cannot perform. But it’s much better.
  • Sex Drive is like about 30% before NoFap. My Sex Drive significantly reduced. I don’t know if this is good or bad.
  • Substance addiction cured. No tobacco, no alcohol, no weed.
  • Going to gym regularly; made me gain an athletic body. Gained from 148lb to 158lb. Learned muay thai, and yoga along the way.
  • Conscious eating; I am eating raw vegan food as much as possible now; minimal intake of fast food, sugar, and frozen food. I do not harm myself from enjoying dining outside though.
  • Gained knowledge on many different areas; learning is important. I am currently learning in the areas of accounting, business, investing, finance, psychology, liberal arts, technology, and so much more.
  • Sex is no longer important to me. I am not attached to the idea of sex and women. Women are not important to me in my life anymore. My self-actualization and realizing my life goal is more important. I am sexually confident, sexually abundant.
  • I am now working on my life purpose every single moment.
  • I start to realize what is really important to me and what is not, and those (relationship, things, ideas, people, etc) that are not beneficial to me are cut from my life. Family is the only people that matters to me now and I am constantly building wealth, health, love, and happiness. Those are the only thing that matter.
  • I started two online businesses, which is an early stage to see success, but at least I have something now.
  • I am seeing success in investments.
  • I travelled around the world, seeing more than 30 countries and saw many things; the world is big and wide. Travel guys.
  • I am fucking confident of myself. I don’t even give a second of my attention to the haters, and wherever I go I am just full of IDGAF attitude. This doesn’t mean that you are an asshole. You are still ‘good’ to people with manner and politeness, but you are not that doormat that you used to be anymore. I know how to say no.
  • I have set of life purpose, and many different goals that I want to achieve and that I am working on.
  • You learn that Semen Retention is a real deal.
  • I am more masculine now.

[Discussion] .

AMA. I can answer anything you guys want. Now, I want you guys to join the discussion. Because I am debating on this topic myself as well. My ejaculation frequency with sex biw is about once every 3-15 days. Ever since I became sexually active and having sexual relationship with multiple women (it’s been about 10 months now being like that), I debating whether I should abstain from sex now. Because during the journey I have thoroughly studied on the subject of Semen Retention and Taoism, and they are a real deal. Semen is a life force. I’ve done it myself 90 days semen retention, and the state of consciousness and energy level that you feel when you are on a long-term streak is just insane. I don’t feel that when I became sexually active. Although sex gives me stress relief and comfort. I think there are many benefits to having sex, but there are also many benefits of semen retention. I just cannot control ejaculation when I am having sex. It’s too hard to control. I would have to not have sex for semen retention. Currently debating on cutting out sex for awhile now as I am seeing a start of physical decline as well due to my age (25). Feel the need of controlling ejaculation frequency. What do you guys think about on this subject matter: sex, ejaculation frequency, and semen retention?

Feel free to ask anything, because I kept this very condense and short as possible. There are many other things that I did not write on this post.

LINK – It took 3 years to cure PIED. I would like to shar, 3.5 years Nofap journey, and my transformation from being a mentally ill, substance, porn-addict to winning at sex, career, relationship, and life.

By abemsq