Age 25 – PIED cured: I feel like I’m back to normal. And I don’t need the pill anymore


Intro: First of all, my hearty thanks to this very supportive and caring community of nofap. This info, since i found out about it a year ago changed my life and sex performance. I now want to share my success story. I will write in point form and make it as short as I can.

I know there is a lot to read in this forum so i will stay relevant and short with my paragraphs.

Stat: 25 years old. 190lbs very muscular and fit. 5’9” (attract girls very easily). Had 6 partners and 4 relationships. Been suffering from ED since 16, shied away from a lot of girls. Was always very fit and muscular.


First time experiencing ED due to anxiety and embarrassment at age 16. First gf tried giving me a head and I could not get it up. Even tho at that age I was super horny and everything was working and we were having phone sex every night and I was cumming multiple times a night. We both laughed and had lots of sex eventually. And at times, thru out the years I would not be able to get it up sometimes and wearing condoms was a challenge. Now I know it was all due to occasional porn and also chronic masturbation without porn. But back then at that age if i stopped PMO for a day or 2 I was back to normal pretty fast.​

First time it went bad: After the breakup with my 1st gf at age 20 I was trying with different girls. I did not know I had ED then, or what kind of effect I’ve been carrying around on me by watching porn every night. And one time I could not get it up with a girl. She got upset, I lost her. I did not understand why, even though I had amazing sex before and it wasn’t my first time. Now I know it was PIED.

First time I got back to normal: Someone told me to retain semen in order to have good sex with hard erection. Without doing much research and knowing about nofap or the science behind it, I just stopped orgasming for a few months. Morning erection came back, and was also getting wet dreams. Met a girl (girl #3) and started making her whole body shake with good sex regularly.

Repeat of ED: After losing the girl (girls #3) after 2 years (partly due to ED, same girl whom i used to make cum several times a day, I’ll get into it below) I was depressed and became addicted to porn without knowing what it was doing to me. This time it was taking longer to heal. Went to Cancun, and a super fit hot Danish girl was all up on me and i could not get it up (watched porn the day before).

Met another gorgeous girl (girl #4) after 1 year and every time I would try having sex i would either cum too fast before reaching erection or not be able to get hard at all.

My trial and error and learning: During the girl number 4 I was really struggling with erection. I did not understand why I would be able to be super erect by porn but not with a real girl. I had no drive even if she was grinding on me, blowing me or tugging me. She was extremely good looking 5’11” model like bodied hottie with blonde hair and perfect face. I would either cum in 2 secs without an erection or just not feel anything at all. And I started watching more porn, as porn is the only thing that helped me get an erection and I was thinking I will be more in-control with her next time. All went in reverse of course…

Here is the reason: as she was extremely hot I felt like I’ll cum in 2 secs therefore I would jerk off right before a date, every time. That led to ED several times. Then after reading in this forum I realized everything I knew about PMO was wrong.​

Back to girl 3: I applied the same idea with this girl, thinking if I start watching porn and cum beforehand I will be able to last longer. And eventually developed ED mid relationship, sex life went from porn star level to no erection or cumming in 2 secs for several months (I was watching porn for months at the end of the relationship)

Back to girl 4: I stopped watching porn after reading on this forum and within 2 weeks I got back to having good sex. Had first sex with her after 4 months of knowing her. I came pretty fast on 1st round, and then from the second round i was good again until we broke up.

Relapse: I was depressed again and became addicted. Dick stopped working. Could not get it up with many girls even tho if knew why at this point. I just didn’t care…

Success again: Recently a girl asked me out when I was doing my NoFap and was flatlining at that point. I was terrified. What if I couldn’t get it up?? On first night she took me to her place and I found excuses to not take off my pants (I had a dead penis, probably less than an inch long unerect). Then few more times in the next week i had the same problem. I could not get it up 4 different times in total. So i just told her what’s going on and she was supportive. At times she was upset was like “thanks for turning me down lol”. She was thinking I wasn’t finding her hot enough.

Yesterday after 2 weeks of NoFap, no porn, no jerking off, and 1 week of seeing her i popped a pill and fucked her 5 times (first time i did it, and it just speeded up the process physically).

At first the pill did not work as the ED was mental, not physical. She tried giving me a head and i just wasn’t responding to it. It has been so long without a real girl and my brain was wired to porn. I was still laying there with her naked, watching Netflix after the 5th fail. She was a little sad.

Then I started fingering her and right away I got hard after I felt her wetness and realizing how badly I wanna get in there. I quickly asked her if I can skip the condom just to make sure I don’t lose the erection, she was okay with it and after the first few mins I wore the condom and continued after I was confident I won’t lose the erection. I made her whole body shake. First sex in 6 months…!

Today I fucked her again 3 times. Now I feel like I’m back to normal. And I don’t need the pill anymore. And I will keep it that way by making sure every time I’m horny I will feed my body and brain with sex, so that it knows nothing else.

Since then, I have been having a very full and hard erection, even spontaneously all thru out the day. Even the un-erect penis hangs a good 3 inches with a tight sac.

Conclusion and my advice:

If you wanna have sex then just stop doing other things, period. Survive the flat line and it does get back to normal. Give it time. Jerking off or watching porn won’t make you last longer or give a rock hard erection.

Only normal sex with normal life and natural sex life will. You cannot function with different things. Its either just porn, just sex, or just fetishes or just whatever else.

And if you need to help yourself out with a pill or something then by all means give it a go. It will at least help you psychologically. And communicate with the girls. If she is nice she will help you out, either by waiting or by giving you a hand or head or something.

It all gets cured with time I promise you. Just stick to it. It’s like working out, you will only grow the part that you exercise. If you exercise the porn part, not the sex part; you know the rest…

All the best! Ask any question you want

LINK – Success story (point form)

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