Age 25 – Quitting is the way to kill a boy and let a man be born!

I am a 25 year old guy.. I didn’t even create an account here before, used to follow forums and other things here as a visitor. But this site has immensely helped me with my 2+ years streak of not fapping or watching porn. I had sex a few times in these years though so it wasn’t semen retention per se.

My porn addiction started when i was 17 in my highschool. I had a sweet (pathethic) girl friend. I was a SIMP for her… She cheated on me with a close friend who was my classmate. And when i found out and confronted him, he wasn’t ashamed or afraid of me, he just replied, “Whatever man, maybe she liked my D better.” I was so angry and i yet couldn’t do anything. I was just speechless, crying inside due to what happened. Well i was sexually active with her till that time but then she didn’t have sex with me because of course she was banging that shithead. Well i started watching porn and masturbating the whole day. I didn’t even break up with her i dont know why. I just continued the way it was going ( i know how pathetic it is). Now i was a SIMP and a Cuck. My grades fell from B’s to C’s and my vibes were really dull. I told my best friend eventually, he told me to man up, there are many fishes in the pond. But i didn’t care to find myself a girl, i used to sit in my room the whole day and jerk off to porn. Started with some normal ones to bdsm to femdom to cuckold :( i started with cuckold porn yuck.

In my second year of college, i knew I had to change. I didn’t have sex or a relationship or a social life at all. I didn’t know anyone in my classes except for a guy who shared just a class with me. I stumbled on nofap site when i was i think 20. Tried to maintain some streaks , failed, try again. After like 9 months of trying and failing, i got a 90 days streak!! I was happy, it had no boundaries. I got drunk and we’ll relapsed. Started with the cuck porn again :(. But anyway, i got up again after the failure and got myself a 60 days streak. I went to a party with one of my friend (new friends made during streak!), I hooked up with a girl or i tried…! I couldn’t get it up and now i was thinking to myself “oh wow a ED now! That’s what i wanted” i came back home all embarrassed and started watching porn and jerking off, I didn’t maintain a streak whatsoever. I made myself an account on some site as a cuck, got laid a couple of times(It was just masturbating to a couple fuckin so basically just porn again)

Now the success story!
When i was 22½ something i decided with utmost will power i gotta change. I joined a gym membership ( i was skinny btw), I started reading quotes and scriptures of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism! And started with nofap. At this point already my masturbation and porn consumption was low because of high stress in college.
Week 1: Don’t remember much except i was sore from gym and i had a lots of papers due.
Week 2: didn’t go to the gym because it was painful lol.
Month 1: started going again, got myself a personal trainer. And it was exam time! I started taking cold showers. I told my trainer about nofap and yeah he was old school! He encouraged people to be on nofap if they gym and he was around 30 something age. Urges hit hard on many days but i didn’t budge.
Month 6: i somehow got to month 6 and damn! I had 0 sex drive or erections but i wasn’t worried. In my gym i started getting serious gains. In my exam,s i got pretty good grades.
Year 1: I was damn happy about this achievement. I was no longer a cuck, those cuck fantasies disgusted me, i went to a psychologist for this though… He made me accept myself and the incident from highschool… Forgave those bastards xD.
I started becoming social, started making buddies in gym, made friends in college. I was getting popular with girls too due to my gains and nofap!
Time went by i got my streak to year 2! Never watched porn, never jerked off.
I still didn’t feel ready about relationships. I am working on that now.
Some benefits:
1. Better confidence.
2. Better performance in gym and bed.
3. Testosterone boosts.
4. Thick voice and good beard growth.
5. Stronger erections.
6. Masturbation and porn seem pointless if you have regular sex and have a good nofap streak.
7. Aggression and masculinity.
8. When going pound town on women, i am present in the moment! And i would actually enjoy myself now that i am in dominant position.
9. Kindness and compassion for people ( i know what i have gone through, and i know many people just judge without knowing anything)
10. Better stamina and last long in bed.
And many more! Also forgive me for my bad English, it ain’t my native language….
Please keep doing Nofap beacuse this is the way! I am telling you men this is the way!! This is the way to kill a boy and let a man be born!

LINK – 730+ days No PM!!!!!!!

By Kind555 [account no longer available]