Age 26 – Confidence is increased tremendously, Social anxiety is almost nonexistent, General anxiety & panic attacks started to go away from day 54

Introduction: I am 26 year old boy who had been addicted to Porn and masturbation for about 10 years…I was doing multiple times a day and did faced many consequences because of my addiction.

Why I started nofap?  During 2016 I got an epilepsy attack which was due to nerve weakness which made me realise how dangerous this addiction is.

Where I am now? I have successfully completed 60 days on nofap hardmode and still going strong. My next target is 90 days and I will be writing my third success story after completing 3 solid months..I took me whole 2 years of trying to reach the 60 day mark and it’s my first time in my entire life..

How was the journey? My journey was really hard and challenging as I was heavily addicted…I faced severe withdrawals from day 1 itself as I was struck in withdrawal cycle for about a year…

Withdrawals: My withdrawals were very high…I got anxiety and panic attacks as withdrawal daily until day 54…I faced all the anxiety related symptoms like Tremors, head pressure, Dizziness ,jelly legs ,low energy etc..My Bp is high even now and I am very much sure it’s due to recovery as my brain still doesn’t know how to handle the stress..

Flatlined: I flatlined twice during this journey..First was from day 1 to day 14.. Second one was very brutal and it was very lengthy…My second flatline started at day 24 and lasted till day 54..

Benefits: Benefits are real and I can guarantee anyone… My confidence is increased tremendously… My social anxiety is almost nonexistent… My general anxiety and panic attacks started to go away from day 54… My sleep is improved… Energy is good but I have BP problem so still I feel sudden drop of energy after stressful situations…

How I was able to reach 60 days? First of all let me tell to all of that willpower cannot take u to 90 days or beyond..You have to follow positive habits daily like walking, exercise, meditation, deep breathing, Meeting friends etc which will really help to stay focused during the entire journey…I will wish everyone all the best and please don’t ever doubt nofap because I am living example …Wish me luck for day 90!

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by Suhail22