Age 26 – ED is gone! Full of life and energy

I am 26yrs old. Male. Married.

Before NOFAP:

-Had intense PMO induced ED. -Had depressive states. -Had massive shame and guilt attached to porn use. -Had a compulsive lying issue covering up porn use. -Had issues with drinking to the point of vomiting multiple nights out of every week.

Now: -No more ED. -I genuinely feel content with my life and am doing everything in my power to continuously improve and grow. -the guilt and shame are gone in the absence of porn usage. -I am able to be truthful and honest with those I care about. -I enjoy a glass of wine or a beer once in a blue moon but I haven’t been intoxicated off alcohol since quitting porn.

2 days away from 300 and I feel empowered. Full of life and energy. I am full of gratefulness for sobriety.

If I can do this you can do it to.

Keep pushing.🙏💛🤝

LINK – About to hit 300 days

By – u/galacticgoldenboy