Age 26 – Excitement for life has returned!

Well… It’s been a long time coming but so worth it. I’m usually just a lurker, but hitting day 90 I figured I should share my experience. It’s been a tough journey but anything that’s actually worth the struggle shouldn’t be easy.

Through out these three months I’ve had 3 wet dreams, that didn’t really affect my state of mind too bad.

My experience with women has also been positive, especially in the last month women have noticeably been gawking at me. The other day while waiting in line for food this group of girls were stareing and smiling at me. I couldnt help but just chuckle and go about my business. Trust me… This is not a usual occurace…but it’s starting to be. Or I’ll catch someone staring at the corner of my eye but as soon as I look they turn away… It’s kinda funny actually, but more so because I know exactly why lol.

Also no flatline. I feel it’s due to my diet (strict keto) that’s helped me recover more efficiently but you all could take this as anecdotal, but I believe it has definately been a factor. Taking supplements like zinc orotate, mag., saw palmetto, pegyum bark, stinging nettle root, cod liver oil, beef collagen powder, lots of leafy greens and clean meat has benefitted me. I believe it has helped me not only lose weight, but increase my brain function. (again anactdotal)

Lastly, saying porn is a menace is a gargantuan understatement and I’m so thankful to be rid of it.

Like most us who start to undertake this journey, we have certain goals in mind, such as more confidence, positive interactions with women, an overall better appearance, deeper voice, etc. But the best aspect I’ve experienced on my journey so far is excitement for life again.

The type of enthusiasm and love of existing that children have. Like a part of me that layed dormant because of constant pmo, but because I’m no longer feeding the beast, that innate part or me (and all of us) is swimming back to the surface breathing the fresh air of life again. Almost like an old friend that you loved to kick it with but have been so far apart for so long you almost don’t know how to act with them. But as soon as you start chopping it up the chemistry flows and it is as if you just hung out yesterday.

Urges are still there, everyday a battle, everyday a victory. But I definitely wouldn’t trade this feeling for the momentary pleasure of pmo, stay strong bros.

LINK – Day 90 Fellas, KEEP GOING!!!

By  Rogueswisher91