Age 26 – Failed often before hitting my goal, 420 folk…quit that first


I think the benefits I’ve seen are deeper voice, easy eye contact, desire to be more social. Another big benefit though is that you’re clearly able to see what you’re missing in life to be the best version of you. Personally I didn’t see HUGE super powers and I didn’t magically become someone amazing

but I can clearly see where I can improve and have more motivation to work towards my goals.

To keep it short, the biggest “superpower” I got is being able to stop myself from any bad habits. I always thought I had an addictive personality but as I got closer to 90 days I realized I just didn’t have strong willpower [before]. I’ve been able to stop myself from habits that are not good for me. Includes things like video games, smoking, eating fast food, etc.

I use an app call quit that and now every time I hit 30 days, I add something new and have not had to reset a counter yet!

Keep strong. I’ve failed so many times but finally was able to hit my goal. If I can offer any advice… for those 420 friendly folks, quitting that first. When under the influence you’re more likely to give in.

I’m 26. Heard about nofap when I was 22 or so and forgot about it until recently.

LINK – Wooohooo! Hit 90 days for the first time!

By jaebabay