Age 26 – Feel like an alpha, brain fog gone, impressive academic performance


My life now takes a course of simplicity. I push everything unnecessary out of my life. I don’t use a smartphone anymore, it just complicates my life, it might make some situation a little easier but it is a fact that it complicates my life. I also don’t watch movies, I have watched so many I had enough. I want to make my own story now.

The benefits I have…

  • Women, they do notice me, but I don’t consider this a superpower or anything. I realized that this is normal for women to do. They look around for attractive people of the opposite sex, they need their attention, they need to interact with them. I also do this lately, it’s like a game, it’s a way to celebrate that you have a sexuality.
  • I am getting “old”, but I feel younger than the past 5 years. NoFap gives me the drive. Healthy and clean diet gives me the energy. Exercise gives me the physique. Each new day I am on the peak of my youth even though I have some white hair.
  • Brain fog is gone. I don’t really feel any difference, but I noticed some. The last month I met 20 new people, I didn’t forget not even one name. In the mid term I had on a very hard course, I got a high score. Also studying is needs less effort now. I assume this benefit is because I almost quit internet. If you feel like you have brain fog even after you started nofap, I suggest you limit your online time.
  • I have anxiety in some occasions, I consider it normal. But during this time I made a presentation in my university and even the professor was very impressed.

I am 26. It’s the second time I do it, but it was even better because of some reasons. This time unlike the last, was hard mode, out of choice, not mine though, lol. I had 15 wet dreams!!! I don’t know why so many, in my last long streak of 103 days I only had 3. I am glad I have wet dreams because it’s sign of health and well functioning sexuality. I talk about it with my friends and we laugh. They say I need to wear a diaper.

During this streak I realized I am addicted to other things other than porn. Like internet, fast food and sugar. I am making a genuine attempt to quit these all. I am trying hard actually and  I fail, but focusing on beating these addiction kind of made it easier to not think much of fapping and porn. At this time of my life I believe it’s harder for me to quit watching memes than masturbating.

I found NoFap in July of 2016. I had some streaks up to 20 days. My other serious streak started in February of 2017. Now that I think about it, I fapped less than the half days of 2017 which is good.

I don’t think wet dreams effect me significally, I don’t even think masturbating a couple of times a week will affect me. I won’t do it though. Two nights ago I had a wet dream, last night I had a wet dream. But today I was in a room full of people and I was still feeling like an alpha. There was something like a meeting and we had to discuss some issues openly. I talked about what I think with confidence. I still have it. There are other things that affect me enough to worry about. Like lack of sleep. If I don’t sleep well, my mood will be way worse than a day after a wet dream.

I never had ED. I believe it didn’t occur to me because I always had a healthy lifestyle in general.

I was in a relationship. She was saying I shouldn’t masturbate, I would argue that everybody does it, so why wouldn’t I. Then I discovered NoFap and I discovered that I was completely  wrong about thinking that everybody masturbates. Also the reasons on the side bar seemed rational to me so I gave it a go. Our relation was shit overall so was too stressed to keep a good streak.

When we broke up a year ago, I felt my life going to shit so I wanted to make a change. I would say I was depressed, I remember talking to my friends about how I believe exessive  masturbation is doing me harm. This way I started my previous streak.

I still remember the last day I masturbated. I was a mess. I didn’t even know what I wanted. I couldn’t stay inside because I was feeling the room hadn’t had enough air for me. I couldn’t  go outside because of the anxeity the people would cause me. I was feeling a huge void inside me. My friends couldn’t spend time with me so I was feeling alone. Good thing is I never felt such shit since then.

LINK – I did it! 90 days! …again!

By RatKidHasGrown