Age 26 – Greater confidence, Less social anxiety, I had depression & panic attacks. I’m still taking meds but now I’m happier than ever.


M27YO – Before this I was with depression and panic attacks. I’m still taking my meds but now I’m happier than ever 🙂 *Confidence / less social anxiety. It’s easier for me to just go talk to a girl and take my chances. I prefer “no” as the answer than not asking at all.

At 60 day more or less, I went to talk to a random girl on a club. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. 6 years younger than me and gorgeous. Got her number and went on a date 3 weeks later. I’m an average guy with braces so… yeah. If I can do it you can do it too. You don’t need be beautiful. Just take a closer look to your cloths and hygiene and be confident, they love that! (we are not dating anymore though – distance, busy schedule and probably different mindset)

*Choosing what’s best for me.

As you take such a step as nofap you don’t stop there. At least not for me. I went to the gym. Meditate daily.Quit video games. Read more (or at least I’m trying). I’m taking super care about my physic and psychic health. The most important factor: ME then others! I suffered enough because of this. I was putting myself in last as long as I remembered. Now I choose myself!

Doesn’t make any sense for me to return to fapping. All I want is someone to be with, I miss the connection and the partnership. As the sex goes, I miss the body touch and chemistry without any porn elements and forcing her to do stuff that I want just to satisfy my porn desire. That part is gone and I feel it!

BUT even before all that stuff, what I really want is to be happy therefor I changed some thoughts and life visions. I watched a lot of videos of self improvement and read a lot about it. I choose to be happy and improve my self to be a better man! The rest will come as the consequence.

I sense that I missed a lot of info but I’m here so ask me anything.

This is my 90 days Hard Mode report: 2 wet dreams on 20 and 24 day. Flatline since day 0 until 70 day. This was the hard part.

LINK – 90 day report Hard mode

by unjoined

UPDATE – 201 days

201 days on hard mode

201 days and all I want is to be a better person, a better man

201 days improving, mastering, learning, getting to know myself

201 days was enough to belive that I will never ever return to that inferior and weak habit of fap.

201 days ago I was in the dark with depression and petty thoughts. Now I only see the top of the world

201 days and I don’t think about it anymore

201 days is nothing, bring 201 more!

The feeling that I had when I realized that naked women doesn’t turned me on anymore did the trick. (I needed much more than nudity, hardcore stuff, that’s addiction symptoms) Think about it.