Age 26 – Had to get rid of my large screen iPhone

I would say that this decision, along with doing my absolute best at NoFap have been among the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I now work for a company I love and am step by step becoming more and more the man I would like to be. (I’m 26)

I’m still tempted by porn, but I know the pain is not worth the short term gratification. Porn is poison. I plan to never access it again. I feel the same about masturbation. These things bring you so far down, and I was blind to it until I hit rock bottom.

While I haven’t met her yet, I believe I have a life partner on the way. Since this is not something I can consciously make happen, I focus on what I consciously can control, and work as hard as I can to become the best version of myself I can be.

I know that my future relationship will be so much better when all my sexual and romantic energy is focused on my partner, instead of losing that energy to porn or masturbation.

Also, that energy really can be redirected / transmuted to building a better life for yourself, and exercising your creativity.

One step at a time…


Tip: I found that the trend with large smartphone screens was unhelpful when it came to recovery from porn and masturbation addiction.

I had an iPhone 6 and when that died, decided to buy an iPhone SE and have felt a sense of relief with the smaller device. Having a large screen in your pocket leads to more dopamine release which could cause relapse or greater temptation. I haven’t had this issue with laptops or desktop computers.

I also quit social media.

LINK – 333 days since I quit porn

By Calm_Requirement