Age 26 – I have the have the balls to talk to girls


I fell into the abyss of PMO when I was 16 years old (26 now). I had just moved away from my family and had a lot of adjustments to make in my personal and school life. This is when I discovered PMO and slowly but surely became addicted to it. It became a coping mechanism for everything, starting with bad grades to lack of communication with friends and family. Now that I look back at it, it is a vicious spiral.

The more you PMO, the more brain fog, depression and anxiety you have. You then use PMO to deal with all of this and keep getting worse. I still can’t believe it took me so long to figure all of this out. I probably would never have if not for this group. Can’t thank you guys enough for opening my eyes!

Some improvements I have observed about myself in the past 3 months:

-I feel like socializing more with all kinds of people and don’t hesitate in speaking. Confidence is definitely increasing.

-Now that I am out of the PMO fog, I am beginning to realize the myriad issues in my life I need to address. It feels overwhelming sometimes but everybody has to start somewhere.

-My brain works much faster now and I feel more decisive. I have been a chronic procrastinator and this is frankly a huge improvement.

-I feel more energetic throughout the day and more engaged in activities. To be fair, meditation might have a part to play in this as well.

-The tendency to objectify women is fading away. I feel like I am genuinely capable of having enriching conversations with women now.

-I don’t feel disheartened when people reject me now. I just take it in my stride and move forward.

I wanted to keep the best bit for the end. I was at this bar a few days ago and there was a girl sitting at the bar with her friend right next to me. With the help of some liquid courage and this NoFap streak, I actually walked up to her and talked to her for a while. She eventually ended up giving me her number and later texted me these exact words:

“I appreciate that guys still have the balls to talk to girls in the bar.”

That single text was such a huge confidence booster because I have not really been the kind of person who goes up to girls in the bar.

Keep moving forward, Fapstronauts. Take control of your mind and your life.

I would be happy to answer any questions if you guys have any. Cheers!

LINK – NoFap gives you balls | 90 Day Story

By builtwithin