Age 26 – I have TOTALLY lost the urge to be cuckolded, treated like shit, lick feet, etc.

So today marked 100 days since I escaped porn. I am not sharing this to brag but I wanted to share the post with anyone who may be struggling and seeking inspiration.

Before, the old me would waste SO much time just searching around all evening for weird femdom clips to get me going. I’d end up searching and searching and it’s only when you quit, do you realise how much time you’ve actually wasted.

I’ve started reading more online articles and educating myself about the world. I’ve also become desensitized from porn and femdom. I have confirmed to the inner me that all my kinks were porn-induced, they weren’t the REAL me. All these dommes and femdoms out there want you to believe you have some submissive side, you probably do but not to the degree many are claiming. It’s in their interest to tell you to explore your ‘inner’ self…you quitting means less $$$ for them!

I have found that I now appreciate girls more for their real beauty and for being real rather than fake like in porn. No longer is a girl just really plain compared to what I see on my iPhone in the femdom sections of porn sites. I can’t say how much it may change my future relationships as due to lockdown, I haven’t been able to go out much.

But, I sense a NEW me and I have honestly TOTALLY lost all sensations that I wanna be cuckolded, be licking feet, treated like shit or whipped or any of that other femdom stuff. Before, I’d probably get an erection typing this post out, but not anymore.

To all those brothers out there, there is hope. Put blockers on your phone and browsers. Pick a password which is easy to forget and then delete the password so you have to go through the effort of a formal password reset to unlock things. It’s an easy thing to do and yes, creating that physical barriers helps a lot.

If you’re home, use your work laptop (if you’re just chilling and not doing anything you’re not supposed to) when you’re not working. This also encourages you not to search for porn so that’s a natural defence.

During this period of lockdown, screw learning something new, maybe losing your worst habit may be the most useful thing to your life going forward.

I feel reborn and refresh for the first time since I was 14, about 12 years ago.

Good luck.

LINK – 100 days porn free – my thoughts – former Femdom addict

By objob94 [account now deleted]