Age 26 – Manage this, and you have to power to manage life


I am 26. Used to masturbate once a day but I never considered myself addicted to it. I started because I wanted to challenge my willpower and my addictive personality. Many positive changes happened to my life in the last year, but it’s hard to point out which one was 100% because of NoFap. Certainly my sex drive is up, and I mean the healthy sex drive. The one that makes you wish to talk to a girl on an elevator

What changed?

  • The idea of masturbating rarely passes through my head
  • I don’t have any porn folder or bookmark
  • I feel like I am a more successful and confident person overall, many of the biggest achievement of my life came after day 1
  • I feel like Nofap is the first step for something bigger. I just don’t know what yet, but the feeling it’s incredible

Nofap unlocked my potential, but I still have to master it. I guess that NoFap it’s the first step in managing all the urges of your life overall.

You become more mindful of when you are loosing control over something in your life. Binge eating, gaming, Facebook scrolling etc.

It doesn’t become easier to manage those, but it becomes more evident that you need to manage these dopamine fueled activities

Maybe that’s the potential, the unlocked potential of self control. NoFap is an habit that you control, it doesn’t control you. When you master something so simple as NoFap, you are then ready to master the nasty habits that control you. Fapping is just one of them.

In other words, succeed in NoFap makes you more confident that you can control them.

stick to the general advice of avoiding boredom. Boredom is a strong magnet for relapse. KEEP YOURSELF BUSY

The hardest phase is the beginning, the longer you last the easier it gets. Also, avoid any NSFW content. Think about yourself as 5yo who shouldn’t see ANYTHING. To the point of covering your eyes if you see a boob.

And finally, visualising the negative consequences of a relapse helps me a lot. If I relapse, it would mean that I would feel miserable the day after, and I would blame the relapse for every little shit happening during the day.

The fear of the negative consequences of a relapse helped me a lot to carry on.

LINK – 190 day check-in

By alexqndr