Age 26 – Married: 15 months no PMO – Quitting has given me my life back.

Hey everyone – Today is 15 months and 1 day since I quit porn and masturbation…

I haven’t done a lot of in-depth studies or work with the NoFap idea or community BUT I am on here to add value and learn as I continue to seek total health. I am not overly familiar with the idea of PMO, for me, it was just porn and masturbation, with waiting for marriage to have sex with my Wife. I do see the value in abstaining from Orgasm as it can lead to a desire to feel it again and again so learning more about this is something I would like to do

I am 26, I am married for almost 2 years, and I sadly had to witness the destruction porn and masturbation caused us as newlyweds… This scared the crap out of me only 2 months into the marriage.

To quit porn and masturbation, I did some real deep heart work and learned about my trauma, wounds, emotional pain, and what the heck to do with all of it… This lead to be a place of healing BUT the other part that was so vital was the renewing of the mind… this is where I began to change my habits and actually care about what I was doing in the now. As a Christian, my faith did change everything or me and healing became simple, not easy, but simple – I am grateful to have a story that has gone through all sorts of struggle, pain, and destruction…. This has me in a place of humility and I am so glad I can be 15 months free today!

I see the benefits more than ever – Quitting has given me my life back! Now, my Marriage is at its best with our intimacy and sex life – No more Porn-induced dysfunction that I so deeply struggled with, thank God!

To be very real – I struggled for 14 years after seeing porn for the first time at 10 years old. I got into it very quickly and as computers started getting better, so did the porn and so did the access… I became so addicted I was watching it 3 times a day, masturbating at least once during those times and was getting up early and staying up late to binge more and more. Life got very hopeless for many years and the shame and anger drove me to have severe physical symptoms such as eye pain, wrist pain, arch pain, and many more… Gary Wilson says porn causes stress disorders and such, well stress causes pain and I was FULL of it inside and outside. I hate to say it but I was addicted to porn as a single while dating, while engaged and while married… I watched porn hurt my life is such severe ways that I would have to spend a lot more time writing this post to get into it (happy to do so if anyone wants to know more)

All in all, just wanted to say hey, share a quick bit, and say I want to learn more, add value, and become a better version of Shawn! The name “Secret Habit” is our personal project to help those struggling with this issue of porn addiction so just wanted to share that part so theres no confusion why I didn’t choose my own name

Hope this helps! Can’t wait to hear your SUCCESS STORY soon!

LINK – 15 Months free after 14 years of addiction

by Secret Habit