Age 26 – No Nut November was a great motivator

Today marks 35 full days without porn, masturbation or orgasm. Without a doubt I’ve noticed significant change in just this short time. No nut November was the greatest motivator I could have experienced to get back on track again.

What I’ve noticed is that I’m calmer and a good bit more accepting of my current singleness status to the point that…. I really don’t care for the first time in years. Which is so freeing!!!

I definitely “feel” more my emotions. Both good and bad feel more real. I still get overwhelmed at times (ADHD overwhelm is not going to go away just by quitting porn) but I find my self so excited just to be alive. Simple walks with my new puppy are fun. Watching other people laugh and carry on and be happy makes me happy. Constant existential dread is gone. I’m not depressed at where my life is going!

For the first time in years I can see other couples together and not feel disgusted by them, and disgusted with myself for being an addict.

I feel more masculine. Grew out my facial hair. I roll my shoulders back and walk tall and confident when I’m walking around.

overall I feel more masculine and more in control of my emotions. No girls aren’t magically attracted to me, but I’m learning to make friends with girls without having that thought of dating then just because the are a woman.

My relationship with Christ has grown as well. I draw closer to his perfection so I can make up for my own brokenness.

I still get tempted but I fully intend to knock out 55 more days!

LINK – This is the way… walk in it

By Don’t tell me what I can’t do