Age 26 – Nofap 70+ days from an African Athlete’s perspective.

Greetings fellow Gods… I am a 26 year old bodybuilder from a small country in the Southern region of Africa.

This post is my contribution to you guys, for all the invaluable information you have bestowed upon me for all the time i have been lurking here. I put lots of thought and effort into writing this as my 1st post guys… please just read through 🙂

Let’s jump right into it.

Reason for starting: I definitely watched lots of porn and masturbated, but i never reached a level where i can say i was addicted to these 2 activities. I first stumbled upon a post on this site that talked about no fap and its effects on testosterone levels. This was after doing some google searches on natural ways to increase testosterone since i am a bodybuilder after all.Benefits so far….

*\* The 1st thing that improved was my skin tone. My face started glowing and became as smooth as butter. I even stopped developing dark circles under my eyes from smoking too much ganja.

**My voice got real deep

Girls now prefer to communicate with me via Voice recordings on Whatsapp just so they can listen to my voice as much as they can… Sometimes when I’m dates, women will have me keep talking just so they can hear my voice.

**My posture improved

I do most of my work sitting at the desk on a computer. In the past i used to unconsciously slump over after sitting for a long time, but now i am very conscious of my sitting posture and I’m also conscious of it while walking out and about..


Guys… i don’t know what it is about females… for starters, it’s as if women have the ability to sense the most fertile man among other men. when I am walking out and about, i can sense women staring at me, when i walk into a room, all female eyes go straight towards me and linger there. Some of them unconsciously bend over in front of me exposing their buttocks to me pretending to fix their stockings or picking up something from the floor or adjusting their shoes. When commuting by public transportation, others tend to sit very close to me and physically contact me while acting as if nothing is happening. Random chicks sometimes ask me silly questions just to get my attention and have me chat them up. I’ve had female family members (cousins) start flirting with me.. some damn near almost end up sexting with me, it’s me that ends up having to control myself by cutting the convo short before it gets too far and too weird. I’ve had lesbians hit on me… although they might unknowingly be bisexual.. who knows…

Animals love my presence and are calm and loving towards me… I’ve befriended some stray cats that wandered into my back yard out of the blue one day.. I eventually started feeding them my dinner leftovers, at 1st whenever they saw me they would run and hide, but now they don’t run or hide anymore, but i still haven’t been able to pet them or touch them… am working on building my relationship with them 🙂 ** ( for those that know…please advise me on what to do to get closer with them)

**Got rid of my anxiety

I used to be very shy and anxious around women which led to me being a pussy or a (white knight/blue pill) around them and they could sense it. **GUYS… WOMEN ARE VERY SENSITIVE TO MEN’S BEHAVIORS AND BODY LANGUAGE. IT’S LIKE THEY CAN SMELL THE WEAK MEN AND ALPHA MEN IN A ROOM.*\* On no fap i developed a no fucks given attitude and started approaching women like crazy and got many numbers…feelsgoodman 🙂

** I then got myself a girlfriend as a consequence of getting rid of my anxiety. After dating each other for a bit, we eventually had sex.. and i made it a point to not bust a nut….because of this, i had such an amazing sexual experience.

1st of all… when erect my penis was so unbelievably hard unlike in the past when i used to masturbate all the time.

2nd… On the day after we were done having sex without me ejaculating… i wanted to just cuddle and continue kissing the girl… i even felt like immediately going for another round… **(which we did.. all in all that night it was 5 rounds without me ejaculating at all) . This is very much different from the past because like most of you men can relate, after ejaculating i always felt like i wanted to just crawl in a hole and be left alone for a little while.

*\* Fast Muscle gains in the gym.

1st: I don’t know what it is.. but the following days after having non ejaculatory sex with this girl, i had the best workouts ever in the gym… I didn’t instantly gain more strength or power, but my workouts where soooo much more intense. I think this has to do with the fact that during my working sets i would summon the feelings that i felt during my lovemaking session with my girl… and i would use those feelings to push myself past the pain barrier… My resting period was shorter between sets because i was so excited to generate those feelings again that i could barely wait for the next set…therefore i learnt that **BODYBUILDING/WORKING OUT IN GENERAL IS A MIND GAME GUYS..ITS MORE MENTAL THAN PHYSICAL. The next time you workout, think about someone you love the most… and while you are in the middle of your set… just imagine someone is holding a gun to their head and if you don’t reach your target reps.. **boom** they are dead… I can promise you you will push yourself harder than you ever have… try it guys.. play around with your mind, your imagination is a very powerful tool.

2nd My muscles have been growing very fast, I’m talking about the pump that i feel in my muscles when i’m the gym never really goes away after i’m done with the session… it’s as if the pump becomes my permanent gains after just a couple of days… it’s crazy!

**I gained high levels of energy and motivation

When Porn and Masturbation isn’t an option any more for busting a nut… As a man you become much more motivated to go out there and acquire resources in order to attract women so you can bust a nut inside of them. Long story short.. in just 70 days i pushed myself to start a side hustle and made enough $$ to finally move out of my parents’ house. Now am working on improving that hustle so i can leave my 9-5 🙂

**No fucks Given Attitude

I feel soo powerful and i feel like a beast, i just don’t give a fuck about much except myself and those very close to me… everyone else can go screw themselves.. Sounds harsh, but I’m just being real with you all…I don’t tolerate the behaviors of men who act like bitches anymore, it disgusts me now, and whenever i encounter one it takes a lot of self control for me to not slap the hell out of him. I feel rage sometimes for no apparent reason, this forces me to workout on my days off from the gym or i bust out my jump ropes while I’m at home, cause i just need to burn off that emotional rage inside of me . I also now have no problems maintaining eye contact throughout conversations with people.

**I discovered that women are such beautiful creatures

Africa is home to beautiful black women with big butts, everywhere you go and everywhere you look, you find women with genetically huge butts and thick thighs… The scary thing is porn had desensitized my eyesight. After refraining from viewing porn, i couldn’t believe that there were all these delicious big booty women walking around that i had been ignoring all along… I don’t even need porn anymore… walking around in the city during the day gives me enough of a dopamine hit…. I don’t know if you guys understand me but I’m at a level where just grazing a woman’s arm gives me shivers… touching the soft skin of a woman drives me wild, and seeing a woman’s silky smooth legs in a short skirt gets my juices flowing. I don’t view them in a ” i wanna fuck you type of way”, it’s more of an appreciation for God’s creation type of way.

**major Lessons learned

This no fap thing is very powerful, i don’t know exactly what’s going on when I’m on no fap… but i do know that fapping drains sexual energy and the body’s vitality. I realized this because now when i walk around, i can spot those that fap and watch porn. These men look like they lack enthusiasm and energy, they walk like they have no purpose, their body movements are haphazard and they are uncontrolled. At work or anything else in life they only give what is required of themselves at that particular time, they hate taking initiative, are to scared to be leaders, and don’t like being responsible for shit… they never go above and beyond, they are passive aggressive and they act like such pussies (my coworker is one of them) and it disgusts me now, sometimes i just wanna bitch slap him and tell him to pick his balls up…

The sad thing is, here in my country… access to high speed internet is a fairly recent development, and so it is more obvious to see the damaging effect of porn on men. The youth in my country right now is in danger, they lack energy, their eyes lack vitality, they lack the motivation to do great shit. Weed over here costs $1 and alcohol is Just less than $3… for just $15 you can get a hooker too. It’s easier for the youth to just get stoned all day and watch porn and jerk off…all while blaming the government for everything that’s fucked up in their lives, instead getting off their asses and hustling.


be careful of the type of content that you expose your children to, masturbation for me… started after watching The Seed of Chucky when i was in 7th grade.. there is a scene where he is masturbating. Up until then, i had no idea what masturbation was… let alone porn. So out of curiosity, i decided to try it on myself to see what it was all about and i remember it produced such a great feeling that made me want to do it more, and that’s how i started watching porn and masturbating on a regular basis.


I am on my way now to becoming the man I’ve always dreamed of being. This is thanks to you all in this subreddit… you guys rock, reading your experiences motivated me to stay strong when the going was tough.. I shall continue my streak through out the year, the next time i write an update, it shall probably be in December but i will stick around lurking for more motivation from you guys and to answer your questions.


LINK – Nofap 70+ days from an African Athlete’s perspective.

by African_Gorilla