Age 26 – Society betrayed our sexuality, enslaving us to a fundamentally masturbatory sexuality

I am victorious. I don’t need to fap anymore. Something clicked about 10 days ago I think but it is so clear to me now. When I feel sexual desire, I want to have sex not masturbate. That is how it always should have been. I fapped as a habit since I was 13 until 26. Never again in my life. I can enjoy sex now and also I know I can be patient if I am single.

I want to thank everyone on this forum even those who post their relapse reports or write about their cycles of relapsing multiple times a week. All the posts here helped me when I knew that many others were part of this struggle.

Our society betrayed our sexuality. Under the name of sexual liberation, we were enslaved to a fundamentally masturbatory sexuality. This is why even when we do have sex, for many of us, we cannot emotionally connect to the woman we are in bed with. This leads to many, many issues.

NoFap is the real sexual liberation. Love is sexual liberation.

I will continue to post here sometimes to help others on their journey.

LINK – I am free now

By newtboy26