Age 26 – Out of the friendzone!

Ok, so this is what happened about two weeks ago which I was around 31 days of NoFap:

I have been doing and experementing nofap since 2 years with relapses ofcourse, but this summer was the one that I felt the most confident of myself. Like I do not remember any time in my life that I felt like this.

Anyway, two weeks ago me and my 3 normal girlfriend from neighborhood went to a club for a birthday of our friend. So we know eachother around 7 years since we are living in the same street. So we are close friends. This means that I was allways in the friendzone for them. Our conversations and attitudes towards eachother was allways in friend manners.

Anyways, we entered to the club walked to our table ofcourse with the help of nofap I was confident as hell walking to the table with 3 close girlfriends every other man or woman was like staring at me. I did not felt any shyness etc.

Before I have been to parties etc. I wasn’t so active with dancing or conversations with people. But this time, wtf was that! I was like dancing and making jokes all night long. And I felt the happines and the enjoyment of my friends from my companionship.

So there were more stranger things:

These 3 close girlfriends of mine were going to toilet together and one of them let’s say to her X was coming back like after a minute and dancing hugging and kissing me. I was like wtf?! Then the other one let’s call her Y was complimenting me all night long and also was hugging and dancing with me!

Believe me guys, I am 26 years old. Have been into clubs and parties but never ever experienced something like this.

I think this is because of the confidence boost which is a result of not fapping. I mean when they(my close friends) went to toilet last time I was alone in my table still dancing singing and enjoying the songs confidently and when I had a gaze around the place I saw like tons of lookings from girls like we were in a eye contact for like 4-5 seconds.

Amazing experience!

Ofcourse, we should not do Nofap for only women attraction etc. we should do nofap to develop ourselves in a good way. I just wanted to post this because I think it is a result of Nofap since I never experienced something like this before..

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By terens