Age 26 – Sex with a condom worked fine, PIED gone, enjoying dates

I’m pumped right now. So Ive been casually dating this girl for about 2 months now. She’s wanted to mess around pretty early on. I told her exactly what was going on with me, I have PIED, it goes away with time. She was super cool about it and was just like feel free to say no but want to try? I was like very tempted but I said Hey let’s wait till this day, I have to make it 90 days Hard mode, for now you get all the attention.

So last night was like day 100 something because of our schedules. We spent the whole day together, a lot of it in bed, and not to get to graphic but I had 80-90% erection the whole time. When it came to sex I was super nervous because I was afraid putting a condom on would kill it. Nope worked just fine and practiced safe sex.

So its not 100%. Its not cured. But it’s physical progress and I can work with that. Looking back I think its funny how frustrated and scared I was that maybe I was broken for good. Looking forward I’m confident and reassured it only takes time.

I actually didn’t get PIED until AFTER I quit porn. I had been really stressed with work and was gone from home for about a month. No gym no kitchen and high levels of stress, all I did when I was in my hotel was watch porn and masturbate 2-3 times a day. I got home and was disgusted with myself and I said thats it no more! On the 3rd day I was hooking up with this girl I had regularly been seeing. Half way through my dick just had this numb feeling and deflated. Literally felt like there was nothing there. Didnt have another erection for about 3 months. Also had no idea what was going on with me during that 3 months.

So I did the research, followed big names like Gabe Deem and Noah Church. Even bought Noah’s book. A few months dragged on a bit and I was getting angry that it wasn’t being fixed as quick. Then I started telling people and that anger went away. Months started going by “quicker” as far as recovery

and how I dated changed dramatically. Im so much more myself and have a good time no matter what were doing. I’m not worried about trying to get in a girls pants and Im constantly looking for events to go to that I think will be fun. Dates with me use to be Netflix and chill because hey… My bedroom’s right there wink wink. And now its like hey there’s Christmas lights in the city and music lets go grab a few drinks and see what we can do out there.

8 months roughly now. Everyone’s gonna be different due to a lot of factors. Duration of sessions, escalating shock factors of porn, age it began etc. I read somewhere take 10 percent of your addiction and that’s how long you’re looking at. I think that’s a pretty fair estimate.

I’m 26, started masturbating when I was 12 which is fine. Went from pictures , magazines, posters. To pictures on the internet. And finally high speed internet around 17. Was maybe every now and then but still needed to hide it from parents. Id say college and getting a smart phone was where it really started so like 19ish 20. So like 10 percent of 6ish 7 years id say its a pretty good estimate for my 8 months (and little longer) recovery.

LINK – 8 Months PEID progress!

By Sleepytary