Age 26 – Social anxiety cured. I always had a anxious feeling in the background in my body – But now not anymore.

What’s up NoFap brothers

I’ve been doing NoFap for 1 year now. En today I’m on day 70. I always struggled with LOW ENERGY, PIED , and the biggest of all SOCIAL ANXIETY.

I’m finally having my energy back! I’m not as tired as I used to be after a workday.

And some other good things are that my social anxiety is almost gone now! It feels so Much better this way..

I always had a lot of panic attacks and i found it very hard to speak in groups of people.

Actually I found it hard to speak in people’s faces and look them in the eyes.

I couldn’t sleep, maybe I slept for 3-4 hours a night and I always had a anxious feeling in the background in my body?! But now not anymore and it’s so good! Nofap really kills anxiety! I can talk to everyone right know!

The only thing I’m struggling with is that I’m dating a hot girl witch I met at a party and I’m in a flatline with absolute no libido. ( yup that’s the down side for me ) I tried to have sex with her but i just couldn’t get it up. I think it’s some performance anxiety also. But hey all the good things take time.

So I’m not gonna worry about it en let time do the further healing. Nofap already has done so much for me!

So to all you no energy having/ anxious guys that are doing NoFap, keep going cause this shit actually work! And besides all of that, it will do so Much more for you as a person!


LINK – Social anxiety cured.

by Misterbanana