Age 26 – Victory over self. Extreme transformation with Before and After pictures.

I’ve been seeking to live a better life for 6 months. As I’ve reached streaks of differing lengths I’ve felt a great surge in motivation, drive and confidence.

My battle was against a horde of hellish addictions, not just the one. I was hooked on Internet surfing, YouTube, social media, TV shows, videogames, weed and tobacco… just to name a few. Instant gratification was my heroin. PMO was definitely the strongest demon I had to fight. I had such a thirst for that kind of high, I alienated myself from the outside world to live for it. Inside I was filled with apathy, anxiety and depression. My quality of life was terrifically low. The truth was taboo. I always ignored thoughts and feelings that would potentially help me admit the horrifying reality I was living.

Last summer I got truly lucky. My friends and family confronted me. They helped me accept reality. This was not a painless process. But I needed it more than anything. So I made the decision to completely turn my life around. NoFap was only the first step. It started out slow but steady. Each and every day an effort was made to improve. As constructive habits started replacing unhealthy ones I felt a refreshing flood of motivation and positive outlook on life. It got easier and easier to say no to myself and push my comfort zone. I was changing my life one habit at a time.

And now after completing 34 days hardmode I feel like I was reborn. Feeling victorious yet humble. I’m pretty sure the journey is only beginning now though ;)By the way, I kept a personal [NoFap calendar] for anyone who wants to see my progress.


  • Red dot: PMO and/or Edging
  • Light red dot: Peeking
  • Light blue dot: Intense urge
  • Red circle: Wet dream

The letters in the top right are days of the week. The darker the day the more I relapsed on those days, Saturday being my weakest. As you can see each month is colored as well. The darker the color the more I failed. Yes, April was cleared 100% hardmode. I’m proud, this is truly an achievement for me. 90 days here I come!

As promised I’m going to share before – after pictures. I think the transformation is brutal. Both inside and outside. Kid me would be definitely proud. By the way, if you recognize me from real life let’s talk about NoFap! I’d love to make new friends who are interested in this lifestyle.

[Before] – I was heavily into PMO. The smile is a mask. A rare moment of me outside.
[Day 14] – Taking cold showers to the next level and feeling great.
[Day 60] – At the end of a long day, short update for my accountability partners.
[Day 75] – After 30 min workout and 40 min cardio, just learning the jumprope.

So this is how far I’ve come so far. It really does feel like being reborn. Not only because my skin cleared up and my mind was no longer fogged. My soul is shining bright again. I was given a second chance. I already threw my life away and was drowning in an ocean of fake pleasure. But no matter how lost you are, there is always a choice. I chose life, I chose reality, I chose NoFap. So can you. Right now, in this moment. All you need is a good why. Just go 30 days, I promise, you will be convinced.

To give back to the community here’s a list of things that helped me a lot, in the order that they pop in my mind:

  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Walk in nature
  • Read
  • Write
  • Take cold showers
  • Dress better
  • Get a top tier haircut
  • Practice compassion
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Listen to Dalai Lama
  • Smile and laugh
  • Let go and just be
  • Switch from car to bike
  • Give back
  • Accept and Love yourself

Thank you so much for reading and let me express how tremendous my respect is for all the people here, you guys are great. The NoFap community is full of heroes and champions. Love you all. Feel free to ask anything, I will try to give my best answer. Peace.

LINK – Victory over self. Extreme transformation with Before and After pictures.

by 5even9ix