Age 27 – 61 days: I got a fixed job and I am more assertive

Today it’s my 61 day of nofap. And i noticed some positive changes.

I got a fixed job at a big firm because i have more confidence.

I even had the balls to ask to earn more at the interview amazing.

I am not desperate to get a girlfriend I actually don’t want one i am happy without one. It is just a great feeling i can’t imagine. I laugh at reality series about hookup and dating. I laugh at tinder and other things to get attention.

I am not asking girls out constantly to get a girlfriend i would say i only do it with girls I really really like it’s like I have a natural selection inside me that is noticing specific woman ot all of them. I have also less interest in sluts hot girls with not a lot of clothing i found them stupid.

But that’s not all I’ve had the balls to be assertive against my friends when they acted like a bitch. See this topic:

I thought I was overreacting to those people but I am not I was a nice guy but now I am a confident guy who doesn’t want people to treat me like shit.

A girl who I asked out for Saturday texted me that she didn’t know if she could that day and said she would texted me the Saturday if she was available the day itself I rejected her and said something like oh I already made other plans we see if we can make a other arrangement.. My early wimp would accept bad behavior but now I don’t.

I can’t describe the feeling it’s like I am myself now. I have more positive thoughts because of a lesser brain fog in my brain. I am feeling that my life can only go up except down.. I have control over my life.

How did I manage 61 days I changed my thoughts and have less stress with having less stress I have more willpower to say no so my advise is to manage stress level to succeed to nofap.

LINK – 61 day got a fixed job and are more assertive.

by kingpietro