Age 27 – Advice on how to cure PIED “fast”

Hey guys, experienced Fapstronaut here! I’ll try to make this post as short and valuable as possible.

Introduction: I was a masturbation addict for like 20 years. I did watch porn and it caused PIED but actually I was addicted to a hot chat with random girls. Porn was a big thing for me when I was a teenager but messaging random girls about hot things on dating apps was the main reason why I couldn’t stop fapping and cure myself from PIED. My longest streak was 92 days 2 years ago and I felt I was pretty close to getting fully cured (MW returned, arousal, etc.) but I “wanted to check the situation” and started again with that stupid habit. Besides that streak I’ve had like 44 days and like 30 days streaks but definitely it wasn’t enough.

My previous streak was 30 days ago and it lasted 22 days.

I did relapse but mentally I was stronger than ever and I began with a new streak like nothing happened and here I am. That means I fapped 2 times in the last 52 days. I don’t plan to ruin this streak ever, Nofap is a lifestyle. After 30 days, I can tell you that I feel energized with a clear mind, huge motivation to achieve my goals and most importantly my PIED situation is getting better. I came to the point where I don’t experience flatlines, actually there was one few days back just in the morning that lasted for an hour or so but all in all, I can see that the situation improved by a lot! I have no idea how long is it going to take until I cure myself but my plan is to wait until New Year’s eve when I’m going to reach 90+ days and see the results. Probably, when MW comes back it will be a good indicator that I’m close to being cured.

My advice to you how to cure PIED “fast”:

  • Nofap
  • go to bed at normal time and have 8 hours of sleep (I noticed that sleep helps your brain and neurons to rewire)
  • drink lots of water
  • workout/play sports
  • try not to eat junk food if possible

One more thing to add. Whoever says that Nofap isn’t real and it doesn’t give you “superpowers”, he is bullshitting. It won’t make you a superman but you’ll become confident, be able to keep an eye contact, be very motivated to reach your goals, have a lot of energy, draw girls attention. Girls sense that energy for real, they sense there is something different about you. The thing is that we are not zombies because we don’t fap away our semen and keep that special force within us.

Stay strong and never give up. No motivational video or anything else will make you stop fapping if you don’t have your mindset in the right place and understand that the day will come where you’ll meet a cute girl, she will like you and you’ll like her but you won’t be able to perform. That feeling of failure will hurt so much that you’d wish you have started earlier. The time is ticking…

If you got any questions, feel free to message me private or here in the comment section. I’ll be glad to share as much info as possible from my personal experience.

Source: 30 days (Hard Mode) – MUST READ

By dzigi