Age 27 – Brain fog GONE. Social anxiety decreased. Greater frequency of morning erections.


Considering a majority of the first 30 days was a flatline for me it was relatively easy. The real challenge comes when your urges and sexual function return and you have to resist the temptations. I’m not going to lie it hasn’t been an easy route since the urges have returned.

A few instances of edging but never reaching orgasm. A constant thing that I’ve caught myself doing is looking at pictures or videos of popular instagram models and thinking of it as a victory that I could look without touching myself, or touching myself TOO much. I’ve had to close the screen down and tell myself that the whole point of this is not to see what you can get away with, but to realize that you dont need it anymore and it doesnt provide any positive input to my life.

Another weird thing that has happened is random days of BAD depression. This would be on days where nothing bad happened at home, work, or with the people I had seen that day. Without knowing of the NoFap forum I would have been very concerned, but I knew that this was common and was simply a process in my brain re-wiring.

So, in my current state, I have very few urges to search the web for pictures or videos of porn or models. Every once in awhile one will creep up, but I know that is my old poisoned brain trying to reach up for one last breath of air, and pretty soon it will be completely drowned out. Here are a few changes I’ve noticed and lifestyle changes I’ve made since day 30:

  • Brain fog GONE
  • Social anxiety decreased even more
  • I’ve noticed my junk has gotten bigger….. can’t complain about that
  • Greater frequency of morning erections, even had another wet dream a few days ago
  • Started Keto / Intermittent Fasting: This has done wonders for me. Knowing that this can raise testosterone levels, I’m not sure of how many changes to contribute to this vs. NoFap

Well, I’m probably going to cruise past a day 90 report. If anyone has any comments or questions please comment and I will try to reply as soon as I can. Stay strong.

[Intro: ]After my 30 day success I was planning on checking in on day 60 to report my results. To be honest I’ve gotten to the point of not tracking days anymore, which is why I’m coming to you on day 79.

LINK – Day 79 Changes

by Cd23