Age 27 – Decreased brain fog, Increase drive & motivation, Greater Confidence in a lot of ways, Less social anxiety, More Connection, Better Eye Contact

So a little back story first. I have / had been PMO’ing for at least 10 years. I am now 27. When I first started regularly PMOing in late High School I was severely depressed, extremely unconfident, and generally looked down upon by other people. I have always lacked energy and had a problem with severe ED, even with whats going on now but I’ll get into that in a sec.

Ive never had a super hard time with girls.. I’m a good looking guy, and have had a few relationships with some pretty good looking and cool girls, but the ED has always held me back and I’ve had severe sexual anxiety because of it. My first time I COULD NOT get up- and all the other times, besides once where I had a mild erection and was able to please my girlfriend pretty well, luckily I am gifted downstairs, even when not fully hard. But this is a huge motivation for me to stop MO completely.. I want to be rock hard and truly have an intimate connection with a beautiful girl!! I’ve never had sex where I was really feeling it, and I want that more than anything to be completely honest.

I did get into some more hardcore PMO and for a while I was PMOing regularly 1-2 daily or every other day. In the last few years I realised that Porn was a big problem and I stopped MO to people fucking, and solely MO’d to girls in bikinis showing their stuff, or getting naked. You’re literally wiring yourself to get aroused to other people fucking that are pixels as well as arousal to sitting in a computer chair and your hand… Not a woman’s body!! Anyways I still I had major ED to the point where I could not get up! I also felt super tired all the time. I did have a major confidence boost when cutting the porn, I joined the Navy got a few medals, got a high GPA in college, became pretty popular in college, had a few more girlfriends / flings but STILL the ED remained as well as all the other bad side effects such as underlying depression, social anxiety, confidence issues and the lack of energy I was talking about.

I have had some pretty rock hard times with MO to girls getting naked, generally had no issue there, although when I had a rare binge I would get a bit limp and feel even more severely out of it. I did have some flatlines here and there when only MOing to girls (not fucking) but generally was pretty well off, so this is what leads me to believe this whole thing is a PIED issue, rather than just ED.

Now I know everyone is different and has different goals and views etc. But the way I look at this whole thing is ‘its not called NoFap’ for a reason. I have read some posts that say porn is the enemy not MO, and I will agree porn is horrible for you, but I do believe that M / MO is also the culprit as well!!
-You’re basically wiring your brain to get aroused to pixels and sitting in a chair, looking through page after page, etc. As well as sapping your energy and confidence to get with a real girl settling your soul desire on fapping and forcing your body and mind to be falsely satisfied with not having a true girl by your side. It’s fake sex!! And wiring your brain to this (thanks YBOP)… No wonder so many people have PIED.

Now I have been contemplating about true NoFap for a while now, wondering if Fapping is the root of the problem, but haven’t gotten REALLY serious until about 1-2 months ago. I just reset yesterday unfortunately.. I was reading a post that said you need to rewire yourself and that MO isn’t the enemy porn is, also I was going through a severe flatline, which made me feel like absolute shit. Also had a potential girlfriend fall out because she didn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend that she told me she was breaking up with, on top of a money issue, housing issue AND a job opportunity falling through at the same time… Man I swear someone REALLY wants to demotivate me and get me to stop this new thing that is going to make my life AMAZING!! But I wont let this or anything break me, I know the truth now and I cant believe how much it is put fourth that PMO is good for you!! Its as if someone wants to weaken us, its crazy!! Now like I said earlier, to each their own, but in my opinion saying MO is okay if in healthy ways, or what have you, is complete BS and we need to cut out MO AND P. Albeit I did MO only to a picture and was using my imagination a lot, which I feel could help me as far as rewiring in the long run. I also discovered that without a doubt, NO; I / we need to just cut out Porn AND Masturbation all together!!

Now I have heard people say there is no super powers for short streaks, but once again, everyone is different! In the last month or so I have had 1 16 day streak 1 14 day streak and 2 7 day streaks (16 being the one that ended yesterday). Here is a short list of benefits I 100% have noticed in just this short time, and I know it is not just a placebo.

·Major decrease in brain fog
·Major increase in drive and motivation
·Despite Libido Flatline increases drive to pursue women (which they love when you do it confidently
·Deeper and More Projected Voice
·Greater Confidence in a lot of ways
·Less social anxiety
·No More underlying guilt
·Better Eye Contact
·A slight ‘glow’
·Major increase of Women noticing me / being attracted to me, even the super super good looking dime pieces!
·Also when I reset after a 2 week streak I actually feel good and not drained and guilty! (Although I’m not going to reset again!!)
·More Connective
·More Energy
·Much More

Now I know there are some people who will want to say that there is no way that I have seen these results in so little time, but seriously! If I / you have been MOing / PMOing consistently every single day for 10+ years, theres gonna be some benefit at even a month and a half of only MOing 4 times!

I just cant wait to see what the results are for me when I get to 90+ days I plan to quit MO for good and now I know for sure 100%, atleast in my case, that quitting MO is the ultimate goal, not just porn or cutting down on MO to just pictures or imagination… No More!! I’m sure that I just need to completely cut out MO and I’m sure it is the cause of my ED.

I cant wait to report back guys, I’m going to gold this time. It just sucks that last time I was flatlining the whole streak, it does help the streak but a lot of us are aiming at curing our PIED and getting our rock hard johnnies into some nice feeling vagina! :) its never too late to start, life is short -dont waste it with PMO / MO!! After stopping for a while you will realise what you have been missing and just how you have been wasting your life. Also dont listen to the posts saying you can still Masturbate, the way I see things no masturbation no porn, only vagina -and I have heard that going off in the real stuff doesnt sap your energy like MO does… I really feel like this is an energetic type thing to a degree hence feeling like crap when you MO and girls being magneticly attracted to you when you get on NoFap… They just know!!

Also 1 last thing I have heard diet is huge in curing the flatline, and I Have been slacking on eating enough.. So today I demolished a whole hot n ready pizza and I definitely feel better!! Calories and Fats aswell as Cholesterol are important!! Not too lottle, but not too much!!

Good luck Fapstronauts, Remember Who You Are!