Age 27 – Doing things I’ve procrastinated on for years, morning wood back

Disclaimer: I was addicted for 15 years, doing NoFap for 6 years. This is my longest streak ever. The streak is very clean – no peeking, no edging, no fantasizing. Working out daily, eating healthy, doing yoga, taking cold showers, socializing. I’ve also quit gaming completely, and decreased Netflix to 1-2 episodes a day.


These are the benefits that I have been experiencing throughout the streak. Meaning some come and go and some are constant. Most of the benefits started coming after 5 days and kept coming and magnifying as the streak progressed. Here they are in no particular order:

  • More energy (pretty much constant surplus of energy)

  • Better focus (much sharper thinking)

  • Better sleep (need less sleep/waking up much easier)

  • Feeling more present (much less daydreaming)

  • Being able to hold a conversation like a pro!

  • Holding eye contact during the whole conversation

  • No mood swings, I’m much more stable! (This is a huge one for me, life changing actually! I’ve lost so much people because of my mood swings and anger outbursts – I don’t have those anymore!)

  • Being able to feel emotions to its fullest (I don’t remember crying this much in years, it felt so good, like weight has been lifted of my chest)

  • Depression and anxiety completely gone!

  • I find myself being joyful very often (the need to dance when I hear music, the need to hug people just because I love them etc.)

  • Having morning wood almost every morning (I didn’t have morning wood at all for the first 24 years of my life, I’m 27 now)

  • Finally stared doing a bunch of things I have been procrastinating for years!

  • I feel like my comfort zone expanded immensely. Can’t wait to do new and challenging stuff.

  • I see girls checking me out and acting much more friendly with me. One girl hit me up on Instagram and we have been chatting during the whole day, for the past 4 days or so. She’s beautiful, an athlete and has her life pretty much together. That has never happen to me before.


  • There are none!

Not exaggerating, there are no drawbacks to NoFap! All the pain and sadness you do feel once you start are the emotions that you need to process to grow and finally start living life like a normal human being. Don’t run from those emotions and don’t try to numb them out, you need to feel them! It might be intense at first because you have been suppressing them for so long, but once you do that you will feel so much better and as if a huge weight has been lifted of your chest.

I tried listing all of the most important benefits, but I might have missed some less important to me compared to the ones I did list. Ask me anything else you would like to know. I’m far from an expert, but I do believe I can provide some valuable advice to help you guys and gals do this!

Thanks you so much for reading and for being a part of this amazing community.

Stays strong and keep going!

LINK – Day 30/90 – Full Report Benefits/Drawbacks (It’s My Cake Day!)

By BorisC91