Age 27 – From a shy boy who always had low confidence, now I feel all my fears are gone and with a higher confidence


It seems like yesterday, when I just got my PMO addiction shot and was scrolling down my Facebook news feed, when I saw an article about how PMO does in your body. I was shocked about how bad PMO is to my body and before I finished reading the article, I excluded all my porn content in my pc and decided to not PMO ever again! When I completed 11 days, I discovered this wonderful community.

Started my journal which helped me a lot to keep me on the path.

This wasn’t an easy path to walk on, mood swings, extremely urges, low libido… I learned to deal with my frustrations, fears and failures, I cried a lot in my progress. Damn, I was so close to leave this place and back to my old life, but the support from fapstronauts here was amazing and kept on my path. I never had such support.

In these 3 months what have changed for me?

I’ve changed a lot in my personality, I always had difficulties to speak and speech, now it’s easier for me I can speak loud and clear. From a shy boy who always had low confidence, now I feel all my fears are gone and with a higher confidence, I can go outside world and takes what I deserve. My skin is better, I feel it cleaner than before. Blood flow in pelvic region improved, which gives me stronger erections and morning wood. Now I have interest to meet people and make friends, my desire to have a social life is much higher.

I don’t see women as sex toys anymore, porn make you look to women like object of sex, this is so wrong. My interest to be in a relationship was never so high, looking forward to meet a nice girl this year. I have much more energy to do stuff, I’m always trying to have a productive day, even when I feel sleepy, I’m not tired at all. That sensation to be drained is over.

Despite of all those benefits, my journey is not over yet, I have a lot to change. This is only the beginning, but I can say from the bottom of my heart, NoFap has changed my life, after all these 15 years trying to drop porn for good, I had success for the very first time in my life and it feels good. 90 days is nothing compared to 15 years of addiction, but is good start to have a positive perspective of what’s going up next.

I want to thank you all for your kindness and fellowship, this wonderful community is doing a great job, changing people’s life for better. NoFap is definitely worthy, we can’t change the past, but we can shape the future with our actions in the present.

LINK – 90 days pmo free success

by CrisReis22