Age 27 – Happier, started hooking up, energy, no anxiety


Day 90 boys!! Bring it in!! It’s been a wild positive ride man! First 30 days was absolute hell! My #1 rule was no matter how bad the urges got, no touching. So I would just lay there with my cock hard as a rock. No sleep.

After 30 days it’s a different phase of it. Comes and goes. Lots of energy, no anxiety, I got better in convos. Happier. I started attracting girls and hooked up with a few.. really good man.

It’s that 30 day mark you gotta hit. And remember, NO PEEKING. peeking is overkill. It overstimulates you so hard and PREPS you for immediate ejaculation. There is a guaranteed relapse because the urges don’t go away for a long period of time.

I am 27. I live alone and I had the same bad habit of going home after work and not doing anything. I would fap and smoke weed and sedate myself. Also would be irritated at work and just have anxiety constantly. I knew it was because of fapping because I would go 3 days and level off a bit. So I stopped for like 20 days and then found nofap Reddit and it reinforced my commitment.

Now I only have sex to release and if I can’t have sex then I don’t, it’s that simple. Results are night and day

LINK – Day 90 boys!! Bring it in!!

By JohnFapWick