Age 27 – Healthier view of women, dating, more social, career progress


I thought id never do it but i did! Im so happy!! During this time i:

  • have had the energy to do more stuff than during PMOing
  • started talking to a girl and approached her and now we are happly together even without having sex yet
  • have progressed in my career
  • have a healthier view of women and feel more social
  • my mind is just more clear

Etc etc.

I really hope all the people here will eventually make it to day 90!

Oh PS. Im gonna keep going with my streak until i find it really necessary … or if i have sex of course but im not pushing it!

Anyway, thank you noFap for saving my life!

Im 27 so i guess im fairly young but i felt like 15 years of getting off to porn was enough and i wanted to change my life before my 30s! Also i met a new girl i had strong feelings for and  whom im currently in a relationship with, so i did it for our sake too and knowing how i feel now vs. back then i would def choose this over that! So i recommend it!

LINK – DAY 90 – gosh i cant believe i finally made it!!

By Zamyou