Age 27 – I feel good around people, more articulate, healthier and stronger


I feel so good even around women and people, i feel calm and focused. My thought process is outstanding. I don’t have to remember any phrases. Words come out of me by itself. I feel like a feather but strong as a diamond.

It all came when Pmo had huge impact on my health. Due to pmoing i aquired sunken eyes, my face looked like shit with no energy. I was literally tired & weak 24/7. Even when I had 10 hrs of sleep it was not enough. I had migranes and painful joints. I couldn’t get well soon if i fell sick. Later my vision got blurred.

There are so many side effects of pmo. The list goes on. Some might argue about this. But trust me. Some guys still think nothing will happen if you pmo but there comes a time when you have to pay a hectic price which you cannot negotiate.

I cannot go back. I feel stronger now. I’m happy with numerous benefits. My health is good. I live a good life and i’m very grateful for nofap.

Its been 103 days bro! Nofap just saved my ass. I can only say Pmo will destroy you. There is a new world when you journey into nofap.

I’m 27 years old. I was exposed to pmo at the age of 15. Its been 13 years of addiction. I’ve learnt that during young age we won’t find much side effects of pmo. As you hit the ages the production of semen reduces. I’m not to late to start my nofap journey at the age of 27. Its better to start nofap before the age of 30 to reap good health benefits.

LINK – Ah! how sweet is this nectar of nofap. It has made me a gentleman.

By Narasimha_Bharadwaj