Age 27 – I have never been so happy; I’ve become my true self

I come from Belgium, I am 27 of age and I have a great story to tell y’all guys and girls. I started exactly on the 11th of January, 2020 [about 13 months earlier] with this amazing beautiful new lifestyle and it made me a hero, a Superman, a motivation to others and so on.

My story:
So the first weeks I made a promise to myself. After reading old literature about semen retention, I went further on the amazing side of internet and I came to this AWESOME website of NoFap. I have read tons of articles about how men/women became their best innerselves and how they have left the satanic cult of pornography behind them.

I did also more with the Law of Attraction like positive thinking, feeling and growing rich. Doing interesting soothing things like: deep meditation sessions, breath exercises, cold showers, pushups, pull-ups, drawing and go so on.

I was and I am still happy single.

******IMPORTANT STEP!!! I began with deleting all my computer/phone histories; like pornographic sites, fetishes, etc, etc. And I downloaded a nice extension on my Google Chrome browser and as well for my phone. I removed also all my saved images! Very very big step to start clean with your TRUE beautiful lifestyle, your true inner self! Not that crap guy like I was, very confused in my basement jerking. :p

FIRST WEEK of Nofap/Semen Retention:
So basically the first week was pretty hard and tough, I went through very hard days. A day was the same as a year. But I started with writing my days of Nofap off. I did a lot exercises, cycling in nature and thinking and feeling positive and like a badass I told myself (repetition of affirmations is very important folks!) ”I am very positive and I hate filthy things”. And other affirmations as well.

The beginning of the second week was pretty hard too, but I felt at the same time good and positive. I took cold showers, I felt very great and full of joy. I was reading again tons of motivation articles by you guys, and it made me proud! It’s okay to feel proud.

Wow, just wow! I became more healthy, I took actions, I felt greater then great! Just awesome, but I was also aware of the coming weeks and even months! Because I read also a nice article of a guy here with awesome tips: he said be AWARE (!) of the traps of the third and coming weeks.

4th WEEK:
Unfortunately the guy was right from the article here on NoFap: this week was a flatline and everything went harder. However, I managed myself by doing deep meditation sessions, training at home, jogging and just walking, watching Mr Bean series haha. And other awesome things like cartoons and horror movies.

After first month until Christmas 2020; Attention, seduction, compliments!
So the following months were overall awesome. I met nice people on the streets, real conversations with old and young people. But I saw something ”rare”, something I didn’t experience before: girls and women were coming to me on the streets and at the grocery stores/supermarkets: they winked at me and even touching my shoulder and they liked to give me sometimes huge attention. However, I kept totally calm and relaxed.

An amazing feeling but at the same time you will know the truth in life and that is: pornography is FAKE, it’s in my opinion a satanic fake element in our society and we are programmed to think bad about women/girls. You will love girls/women more about who they are instead of their body. You will get attention and compliments.

But moreover, I didn’t have the fetish I had years and years before (since my teen ages) namely foot fetish. I was not disgusted, but I knew something which I didn’t knew before: women and girls are human beings, not robots. They have feelings like you, they are kind and not slaves like porno sites with their BS illusional satanic images/videos.

However, I told myself: never, NEVER again. I am pure and I want only pure things in life. Pornography is FAKE! It’s all about our minds. It’s 100x times better to eat 2 hamburgers, then watching one clip of those filthy sites. Those are pixels I know, but not only pixels, but as well a kind of programming! Like the news media telling us to obey everything they tell us.

I didn’t relapse since then, thank God. Even not any wet dreams!

I became my TRUE SELF. I accomplished a lot with my online sales, artistic work and I met nice people; great friendships and they thanked me for my motivation story because I am not ashamed and I told them that I began with this Detox since January of 2020 (that year.)

So mostly I met women, older ladies the most. I go winks from 18 years old girls to 60 aged mature women. German and British tourists and as well lots of Belgiums. Funny thing: I met a nice mature woman, 44 of age, she was outside with her dog during the Covid pandemic of 2020 (August) and she came to me with her dog. I was sitting on a chair with a water bottle and she talked to me, she told me about life and so on. After TWO HOURS of talking, she asked me for my number and she gave her number to me. Since then we chat btw.

But in all honestly: I was never sooo happy like then, until today. I became a nice dude and everything has changed in the most positive way.

I didn’t expect such differences but here they are:

1. My motivation level till today: very very high!
2. I became smarter in the sense of a good sharp memory, conversation skills, articulate etc;
3. I met nice women and girls and also guys, good friends who are as well (important) loyal and fully supportive!
4. I AM digusted of porn and I will fight this satanic element in our lives;
5. 3 of my new motivated friends are also now since 3 months (!) in Nofap lifestyle, belief it or not.
6. I made huge deals with my online business of classical 90s phones and video games;
7. I have read tons of books, I have improved my German and Italian languages and I am even learning Japanese now lol.
8. My positive vibration has reached the ultimate level of consciousness!
9. I manifest my dreams/goals more and more and easier then ever before!
10. I smell good. Girls and women tell me this, but also guys and me, myself.

And so on!

So it has indeed to do with pheromones, but also you as person, girl or boy, you will become your true self.

This is my inspirational story and as I typed this, I feel just so proud of all of you guys and also on myself.

You know, life is all about drugs, sex and rock and roll. But the most beautiful life has more to do about who you are. We must remain ourselves. Not following the 99,9% of brainwashed people.

I know tons of couples, those guys feel sucked. They are oftentimes very busy with work and after work watching pornography crap and then becoming depressed and so on.

EVEN DURING the Covid19 pandemic in 2020, I was MORE motivated and I felt like a hero. A Superman! No cliché because when you experience this to yourself, you will know what I mean(t).

My history of wanking started when I was 12. I was stubborn, I watched my teacher and there it began. But it’s not really normal, because eventually it will control your life, it will suck you like a huge scary octopus!

Be AWARE and save this story: if you read my boring but true story, you will know: life is BEAUTIFUL and YOU are the one who MUST dare to make a change.

Those pixels are not worth it.

By the way it has also made my scalp hair thicker and more smoother and my body became very healthy and my face as well, no acnes, pimples and the attraction of ALL PEOPLE… folks, not only girls/women, but as well guys giving you huge compliments and they respect and adore you.

I will post more nice stories here, I feel the urge to do so. =)

Also a great tip is to delete your old ”friends” with whom you had those erotic conversations, I did so because you don’t need sex or masturbation in your life, but of course if you meet a nice girl.

It’s better to meet someone who’s loyal, kind and supportive to have good sex with, not just for a day. A one night stand is a NO GO for me. It brings you back to where you were before.

HARD MODE is what I did, give it a good try and remember: that feeling after masturbating is for a half second. And then? You will become tired, you will feel stupid and totally not motivated but only lazy.

Take a good walk in the nature, do meditation, go outside for cycling or play video games, sell something you don’t need anymore and motivate yourself and also others. If you motivate others, you will feel more accomplished! ;)

The fact that older ladies like to talk to me, is because they want a nice gentleman to share their life stories with; to have faith in you and they see your pure aura and all the positive vibes. Life has not only to do with sexual energy, but moreover your true self! Remember that my friends.

God bless ya all!

LINK – My EXTREMELY succesful story!! 380+ days.

by Gentleman93