Age 27 – Finally quit porn…new job at double the salary!

Hi fellow redditors 27 (M) here. I have been on this sub for the past 2 years and I have always wondered how people used to maintain a 90+ day streak.

I started masturbation when I was 14, but was addicted to PMO in 2016 when I had just completed my engineering & had taken a year gap to crack MBA exams. I spent the whole year excessively fapping & it took a toll on my mental & physical health. Then I realised it and started working out & limited my fapping to once a week or in 15 days. But still porn was ruining my life as whenever I used to get sad or depressed, porn was my go-to option.

I did my masters last year and got a mediocre job. I was depressed and frustrated with the job as being an MBA it wasn’t a suitable job for me and I couldn’t see my career going anywhere.

Back to March 2020, lockdown happened and due to Work from Home I started fapping excessively. This again started to take a heavy toll on my mental health as my anxiety shot up. At that point I decided to pursue a 90-day streak of No Fap. Hence, I started No Fap in August.

Now, here comes the good part. Post day 60 I started feeling a change in my body, metabolism as well as mental health, no more guilt, a lot of energy. I started applying to jobs optimistically.

10 days ago, I received 2 job offers in 2 successive days. One offered 50% hike and the other offered 110% hike (I cleared a lot of tests & case studies for this one). I took the latter one & currently I work as a Market Research Analyst in a big Management Consultancy Company.

Although No-Fap won’t magically give you all the good things but it will definitely change your approach to the problems in your life as well as it will give you a lot of confidence. Also, to be on the practical side I still get urges when I am alone and the fight is not over yet. But this one small victory is a considerable milestone in my life and I will definitely be proud of it forever.

Thanks for patiently reading the whole post. May the force be with you.

LINK – I hope my story inspires you..

by darthdepp