Age 27 – No more erection issues. A lot more sexual energy…due to sexual continence?

I know that 90 days is the gold standard, but I wanted to share my observations from having committed to “lessening” the control that porn has over my life.

  • I now no longer experience any erection issues with real women
  • I have a lot more sexual energy with women. I’ll usually go three rounds at least.
  • I workout all the time. This seems to give me a similar high to PMO oddly enough.
  • I’ve started to go in deep with what caused a lot of my anxiety issues and found an answer that worked for me: mindfulness.
  • With my acceptance of mindfulness, I’ve learned to control my urges, be more outgoing, and know the right questions to ask in terms of getting the help I need.
  • Consistently get dates with very attractive women who I previously never bothered to even try with and instead settled for literally any female that would give me quick sex.
  • Found the confidence to semi-quit a career in reality television producing and start my own business(es) online.

NoFap is extremely helpful. But here are things I did contrary to its principles. Things I did contrary to NoFap:

  • Did not demonize pornography, but rather disempowered it. It’s only videos of sexual fantasies. The male equivalent to erotica. Something all highly sexual people engage in and that if you don’t do it consistently then it’s effects are very minimal.
  • Accepted that a part of my sexuality is caught up in objectifying women’s bodies. That this is a natural part of our wiring so we are motivated to impregnate them but that we always have a choice to listen to our urges or not.
  • Learned to accept that sex is not important to some people as it is to me. I’ve stopped pursuing women with less of a sex drive and stopped lying to get my way.
  • Learned that some women are just as horny and sexual as I am, but generally, if you want to meet them you often have to go out of your comfort zone to do so.
  • Become less enmeshed in fantasy and more connected with reality. The type of sex we see in porn when we’ve not overindulged to the point where we need absurd scenarios to get off is actually quite normal.
  • We are not our sexual fetishes. Sex as fantasy is different from sex as connection i different from sex as stress relief. All three are valid if its between two consenting adults.
  • Moderation is achievable, but it’s very easy to slip back into full-on compulsive indulgence at any time.
  • Orgasming be it from sex, porn, or plain masturbation is a release of power/energy/life force. This is the number one reason you don’t want to do it all the time. It will weaken you severely.

Again, I still believe in and love NoFap, but for those of us who want moderation, I submit that is in fact possible

LINK –Almost 6 months in. Here’s my new learnings. And a new challenge for the next 1.5 years

by pavx92