Age 27 – It worked. I had no idea I had the potential to earn so much.


I’ve had streaks like 100, 130, 30,40 and so on. It was April, 2018 I landed into my first job after so much of struggle and going through social pressure. It was December, 2018 I’ve had sex with someone with a mutual consent for the first time. I remember I was in 90+ streak back then. Now this account because reddit gave me a lot of strangers who helped me in my path and it’s good not to know each other better. You know, Reddit gave me a lot of things and I have to give it back something. Why am I saying all this ?

Before nofap it was all dark rooms with dim screens and reading blogs about how to find girls. I started porn at the age of 14 and now I’m 27. I had few girlfriends before but never had guts to take them to bed. Maybe I can say I was too lazy to arrange all of that for someone else. You know, why take the risk of picking them up, setting up a romantic place, get closer and all that real life stuff. All I had to do is close my eyes and imagine them till my hand get tired. Or turn on laptop and get even a better girl. Why to spend time in making myself better.

Whenever I open YouTube for educational purposes, my browsing history doesn’t support my suggestions. When I start reading a book, my mind makes plan when to lock the door.

Time was running. Most of my friends started earning already. I don’t even go to social events because I couldn’t face them. I realised I became a loser. It was already late but not too late.

I decided to change myself for good. I wanted the old me who was a champ among his friends. I followed old school method – practise good habits. Removed every thing which I can’t proudly tell my family.

Damn I cried on my first 90th day of nofap. It worked. All I had to do is not to give up and not to lose hope. Almost after 8 months of struggle I got my first job and the pay was the best in my circle. Even I had no idea that I had the potential to earn that much. I didn’t slow down. I kept the same pace. Because I know all I have to do is just not to lose hope. Within 8 months I got an offer from client with triple pay. I wasn’t the best in my team but I took risky decsion. Afterall I had nothing to lose. I’ve seen worse.

Now I have the wisdom to understand what went wrong back then. I didn’t had time to make myself better. I had the craving to buy a motivational book. I kept searching for the best book instead of just spending time on reading whatever comes to my way. I can see why I don’t go out and talk to people because I had the fear that I smell cum. Whole day I was sleepy. Damn I can easily spot people like old me on the road.

I don’t really know why I’m posting this but I want everyone of you to make better decisions. Quit social media. Stop everything that slows you down. Reddit really changed my life. If nofap is the first step of the ladder, whether to climb the ladder or not depends on you. MAKE BETTER DECISIONS. Be someone who you’ll be proud of. Eat healthy. Sleep on time. Read lot of books. Don’t do anything in the dark. Be the monster that devil is afraid of. Don’t let darkness ruin you

LINK – Just a rant from a loser

by men1k