Age 27 – Not until I had actual conversations did I realize how much I have changed

You could say that people go through a transition when they journey through NoFap. I want to talk about my ‘transition’ here. If you are isolated due to covid, or if you in general do not interact with other people, then you are a lot like me. Everyone who is going through nofap in a time like this, where your normal ways to get busy simply are not an option anymore, should know how much space PMO can take up in your mind. For weeks and weeks I’ve been by myself physically. And in this period, I’d dive deep into my thoughts, criticize everything about myself, and life in general as a human (as you will realize if you read my journal).

It was not really until I saw some people and had actual conversations that I realized how much I had changed since the start of NoFap. So the most noticeable change for me has definitely been my social skills. I don’t know how much I can credit NoFap for, but I can say that it is the breeding ground for creativity.

You can find ways to meet people. And you should do it! Personally, my views of myself and those around me have changed drastically. I’ve dared to meet women (and so can you), and I have learned so much about them, and in turn, about myself. Women have been strange and frightening creatures to me all my life, and I’m finally starting to understand them. I have to emphasize, this could not have happened without interacting with them.

What I’m describing is in no way a universal problem, and your own personal issues might not be the same. I want to point that out, because NoFap will help you to understand and solve those problems you have that you might not even know about.

I’m a very neurotic person at times, and I think chatting in this forum has not helped that issue at all (not that I’m blaming the forum, I’m merely addressing my own issues). To explain: it is now my belief that the subconscious mind continuously evaluates and frames your current situation, and I also believe your emotions are based on that frame. Your conscious mind will most of the time not be able to alter your emotions whatsoever, although I’m not saying it’s impossible to do so! My point is, what is a much more effective way to change how you feel is to change that frame. And since that frame is based on your surroundings, you will have to physically act to make an impact on yourself. PMO will paralyze you, you are not going to want to act when your nuts are drained. Why would you? You keep emptying your balls, of course you need to lie down and recover! But who wants to lie down all the time?

In other words, it’s great to get on here and reflect on your situation, but it’s not going to do anything by itself. Similar to this, think about the content of self-help videos or books. What good is that knowledge if you do not apply it?

This is of course my personal view, but whether this resonates with you or not, I hope you find it useful.

LINK – 89 days my friends. Get out of your head!

By PeterGrip