Age 27 – PIED & DE cured. Many additional benefits.

I am very proud of myself because I really have noticed some changes in my life since day one of fighting with this battle of reaching sobriety from P & M. A little background I have been dealing with PMO since I was 17, I am now 27. I had sex so much in high school when I broke up with my girlfriend during that time I was so used to having an O that I had to replace it with PMO and I have been addicted since then.

I never realized what a toll it has taken on my life from so much Brain fog ,gained weight from overeating out of fear, horrible skin, hair loss, fatigue, always nervous shy and anxious when it came to girls on just talking to people in general unless I was under the influence, I would be very secretive and mean to the people who really care for me and just realizing how much I was holding myself back from living my best life.

One of the biggest things I look back on was how my sex life was affected but I never knew why I used to blame it on alcohol or just being tired but for years, I would have my days where I had no problem pleasing women but sometimes I couldn’t get it up or stay up and it was quite embarrassing .I found myself being desperate for sex with so many crazy fetishes , looking to dating sites for sex and just not being me anymore I was truly ashamed of who I was becoming.

As I grew older though I noticed if I quit PMOing for a day that I would perform better but I never thought that was the real problem at hand.

I finally found a girl that I really care about and that cared about me just as much and our sex would be amazing when I stayed with her and I had nowhere to PMO but if I went home the chaser effect would catch me. Every time I wasn’t able to please her or stay hard throughout I would hurt her and have her thinking she was the problem but deep down inside I knew it was me , so I knew at that instance I had to make a change for my gf and also my daughter that will be here by January.

When I decided I was tired of hurting her I did some research and discover NOFAP and man was I ever impressed and disappointed that I never heard of this. I was always told that M was healthy and beneficial for you, and that’s the way I continued to live for over 10 years .

I started this journey this year in the month of April with my highest streak before now being 14 days. I now have a child on the way by the love of my life and I told myself no excuses I have to make this a forever thing so that’s where I am now and I am so proud of where I am compared to 31 days ago!
Some of the benefits I have noticed and loving so far are :

  • Less Fatigue when working out and throughout the day
  • Superpowers are real ( so many women react to me , smile at me and just feel more comfortable around me and I am able to talk to them without being shy or not having anything to say back to them)
  • PIED cured – no DELAYED Ejaculation
  • Positive thoughts
  • Morning wood again but able to control my urges
  • Quick on my feet and no more Brain fog
  • Facial hair growing and better skin
  • More organized
  • No longer content with things I’m not happy with
  • MY girlfriend is very happy with me and I found a new stronger love and attraction for her

Along with many more minor benefits that I’m enjoying I’m just so thankful for a life that I have and all the great things and people in it that I took for granted for so long

I thank God for the internet because I would’ve never discovered NOFap and I thank him for keeping me strong for 31 dayz and I plan on keeping it this way for a lifetime

SORRY if my words are jumbled I’m just so happy to post this I just started typing all over the place feel free to ask questions because I want everyone to beat this demon and become sober ! ON to FOREVER

LINK – 31 Dayz!!!!!!!!!!

by toolegit2quit09