Age 27 – PIED healed, sex way better and stronger

I’m 27 muscular built fapnaught. A story from last year:

I met a hot girl last year. She was very interested in me ,we use to talk on phone every day for hour. She lived little far though like 2 hr drive. We planned to ‘hangout’ at her father’s cabin in woods.

We went there around noon I had couple of drinks and we started making out in an hour. I had premature Ejaculation when she was cuddling with me and kissing she wanted the D when I pulled out it went soft. She was mad I too was confused what was going on !! I relaxed for 20-30 minutes and started pounding her but I couldn’t last long took me like 10-15 strokes to finish.

I had very bad guilt and shame , she told me it wouldn’t work for her. We never talked again. So I lost a hot and gorgeous girlfriend because of porn.

Porn rewires your brain for itself. I could get a quick hard-on by videos but couldn’t sustain an erection in real life.

From that incident I decided to stop watching porn, I’ve been doing nofap from a year with few relapses. I relapse usually after a month or less. My maximum streak has been 90 days. I slept with couple chicks since ,sex has been way better and stronger. Quit porn my friends for sake of your future and relationship.

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By Tinkrquest