Age 27 – Relationship improved a lot. Sex is better. Insanely productive with my business. Violent fetishes gone.


Yeah so I just passed the 90-day mark. Can’t say it was easy, but it’s definitely achievable if you have strong reasons. I’ve been learning to channel my sexual energy into books, study groups, and spiritual practices. My relationship improved A LOT. I’m so much more present and reliable, and sex is better as well.

Also I’ve got insanely productive with my business. And I feel more grounded in general.

My life is completely different, because I created a routine. Before nofap I used to wake up late, get some stuff done, and then waste a lot of time watching porn.

Now I’ve been consistently waking up at 6am, doing morning affirmations, working out, hustling like a boss, studying a lot, spending more time with my girl, and basically just being a legend.

I’m not saying nofap is what caused this transformation, but it is definitely a part of it. I can feel my energy is stronger now, like there’s nothing I can’t do.

Even though I finished the challenge, I’ll stay away from porn indefinitely.

Don’t know about masturbation, though. I sometimes think it’s normal, but at the same time I feel like I’d probably fantasize porn-like scenarios on my mind…

If you have an informed opinion about this, please reply below.

tl;dr – my life is much better after 90 days nofap. Recommend it!

LINK – 90 days. Life is much better

by TheGuyWhoQuitPorn


INITIAL POST – [INTRO] This is it – I’m taking control over my fetish.

Hello there, fellow fapstronauts.

I’m a 27yo straight guy with a fetish for muscles.

It started when I was 18 and back then I was just starting to dig chicks with a flat stomach (completely normal, in my opinion).

10 years of porn took it to a whole other level… now I frequently fap to extreme female bodybuilders, muscle worship videos, and even male bodybuilders (after I orgasm I just feel like WTF DID I JUST DO?)

It doesn’t stop at internet porn… If I see a woman with even a hint of muscles (like toned calves or arms) I can’t stop staring, even if she is older, with a boyfriend, not attractive, etc.. I feel like such a creep.

Now I’ve decided that I had enough, that’s why I joined this group and will take it VERY SERIOUSLY. I have a lot of discipline, and I just need support.

I recently did a 30 day no-porn, and it was fairly easy. But THE MINUTE IT ENDED, I went to the same old fetish websites and relapsed.

I believe you guys can help me win this battle for good, because this kind of behavior has no place in my life anymore.

There are 2 things you should know about me:

01 I’ve been dating a girl for 5 years. She’s the love of my life, we live together and have a great relationship… AND she is muscular.

She’s an athlete, so she has ripped abs and toned muscles all over. I’m obsessed about her body, and that sometimes leads to me having sex with body parts instead of her as a person. I mean sometimes I feel so bad about it… Like she’s crying about something that happened, and I can’t stop noticing that vein on her biceps while she wipes her eyes. Know what I mean? Pretty sick. I know that’s not who I am, and I wanna be free from these thoughts.

PS: I CAN make vanilla love and enjoy it, but sometimes my fetish is in control. She knows that I have a fetish for muscles, but has no idea of how big that is in my life. If I ask her, she lets me worship her body, and will even flex for me and stuff.. But she only does it for me, it’s not something that she enjoys. And sometimes she feels insecure about me dumping her for a more muscular girl (and that thought HAS crossed my mind…)

I don’t know how it will be when I no longer have this fetish… will I still feel attracted to my girlfriend??? Will I ever be able to drop that fetish while dating a fit girl?

02 I used to be a dating coach, so I have no problem approaching women. When I was single, that was awesome.. but now that has become a curse to me.

Whenever I see an athletic girl, I just feel the URGE to go there and talk to her, get her facebook, etc. I would NEVER cheat on my gf, but I love the feeling of KNOWING that I COULD sleep with that fit girl if I wanted to.

So besides quitting porn and letting go of that muscle fetish, I would LOVE to gain my innocence back and stop seeing women as sexual objects that I’d like to fuck.

The weird thing is: I’m a very spiritual guy, I work out every day, I work very productively, I travel a lot, my health is 100%… I’d say I have pretty much a perfect life, EXCEPT for the fact that I can’t stop thinking about and fapping to muscular women (and sometimes men).

I know you can help me… I have the WILL, I have the REASONS, and now I want to have the SUPPORT + TOOLS to do it once and for all.

Thanks for reading this, you’re the only ones who know.

Update – 102 Days – Told my friends about it

So I crossed the 100 day mark and decided to tell my friends about it.

We did this end-of-the-year catch up, 9 guys (my best friends) and 1 girl.

Then I said: “you know… it’s been 100 days since I last watched porn or jacked off.”

At first they cracked some jokes and were like: “WTF are you even serious?”

But then they started asking questions:
– Why are you doing this?
– Was it hard?
– Did you notice changes?
Etc etc

I could tell they were legitimately curious and even a bit impressed.

As I told them about Your Brain On Porn and /nofap, a few of them instantly joined the sub and started reading about it.

A few minutes later they were all like: “Shit.. I think I should stop doing that as well.. but I don’t know if I can”

So I told them about how hard it is, but that you can always try again, and that every effort matters, etc. I think some of them will actually give the challenge a go!

It was really cool seeing that my friends are actually interested in improving their lives. Nice feeling 🙂

Can’t say you should do the same because people are different and your friends may act like assholes… just sharing my experience!

tl;dr – I thought my friends would make fun of me, they were actually curious and supportive.

300 Days – Update + Notes

So I’ve crossed the 300-day mark.. and to be honest I really do feel like I’ve turned ‘not-fapping’ into a habit. It’s interesting how easy it is now… Looking back to my last post (Day 244), I was really struggling and almost caving in.

Maybe I just feel more motivation now that the 365-day streak looks so close, that I’m not even considering a relapse.
I won’t lie to you guys, I did peek at some photos recently (just google images, no porn sites) – but didn’t even touch my dick. And after a few minutes of browsing, I was like: ‘NO, STOP’ and just carried on with my life.

The real benefit from what I’m seeing is SELF-MASTERY. I do feel like I can accomplish anything, and I feel in control of myself.

Now a few personal notes:

– I think getting a deeper voice and attracting attention from the ladies comes from SEMEN RETENTION, nothing to do with nofap. When I’m having sex regularly, those ‘super powers’ go away. When I go for 2-3 weeks with no sex, they come back. Maybe something to do with a testosterone boost?
– My main sexual fetish (girls with muscles) did NOT go away or get any weaker. I still feel incredibly aroused by muscular girls – I’m just not watching porn or masturbating.
– Porn-induced fetishes (homo, bdsm, violent stuff) DID go away – and I’m happy about it. I feel like I’m getting back to my natural sexual preferences and fetishes.

That’s it for now 🙂
Stay strong