Age 27 – Right now I feel like I’m on another level vs. everyone around me

I have never had control of my life in the way that I do right now. I now believe that discipline is the catalyst to changing your life for the better. I’m 27 and had no doubt PMO’d 5+ times a week for at least the last 10 years. I also struggled with depression and deep layers of social anxiety for most of that time and had been on Serotonin enhancers (Citalopram) to keep me from thinking that there is no point in anything I do.

By taking one day at a time, practicing meditation daily with the Headspace app, regular exercise, reading/listening books/podcasts and removing distractions like social media & the news reaching 90 days has been easy.

Right now I feel like I’m on another level vs everyone around me. I have so much energy to get important stuff done, enough confidence(too much in fact) to understand how I have meant to be feeling for the last 10ish years (It’s feeling like a superpower to me, but realise this is probably just normal for people with regular dopamine receptors) and I can’t seem to put a foot wrong. I’m enjoying getting up early every day and don’t want to waste a second. I no longer have debilitating anxiety.

I’m a programmer and had been often known as an angry, irritable asshole by people I work with. Negative about everything, always looking to argue and saw other people before as a complete waste of oxygen!

I now have extreme mental clarity and a heightened sense of empathy towards others and their feelings. Had countless comments about how helpful & productive I am now. It’s good to not feel like your part of the problem and making things worse.

Had begun to hate coding so much that I had been plotting a career change. I’m now able to think clear & have been way more creative. Hundreds of new app ideas. Now I’m dedicated to becoming the best programmer I can be & using this energy to do my best by creating amazing art!

The secret for me has been building chains or streaks. Get a journal and mark a cross at the end of every day you complete without PMO – after a few days, your chain is starting to develop into an automatic habit.

Your brain will start to crave the feeling of marking the cross down in your journal at the end of the day, it feels good to have achieved something.

Apply this simple technique to any goal you want to complete and you can do anything you want! This year I’ve used it to stop smoking, hit 90 days on NoFap and stop biting my nails (something I’ve done since I was 14)

I’ve not even touched on how Nofap benefits interactions with the women because it would imply my reasons for reaching 90 days were about improving what they think about me…

I now do not care in the slightest about chasing women as they are now chasing me! Do this for yourself and things will fall into place.

Some books I have read in the last 90 days that have helped: The subtle art of not giving a fuck – Mark Manson Ego is the enemy – Ryan Holiday Waking up – Sam Harris

Thank you to everyone who continues posts into this subreddit for keeping me going and who will help ensure I reach my goal of 365 days and beyond.

LINK – 91 days – so focused I never noticed passing the magic number

by 8708INFJ