Age 27 – Severe PIED cured: For the 1st time perhaps in many years I was erect even with a condom on


Am a 27 year old guy, suffered from severe PIED for 2 years almost. My Porn Career: started watching when I was 15, got high speed internet at 18-19 and I was hooked up with all the new and hardcore stuff, there was so much to see so much to explore. Got into heavier fetishes each passing day. And the last 2 years I watched a lot of femdom, cuckold, shemale and one day even sissy porn videos.

Development of PIED: I had a gf and that time I was in a different city. I watched porn and developed severe PIED. Was not able to even penetrate with my penis for almost a year.

My recovery: I tried last year no PMO but lasted only 25 days, had several 3-4 day stints after that but never a whole heart-ed effort. Today its been 50 days since I am on no PMO.

Before this whenever I was with my gf I had to fantasize porn situations to find erection and it was never fully hard. But last week if I touched her, cuddled her, I was erect 100% better than what I had watching porn. Morning erections were like am a porn star on Viagra!!

So today I had sex, after a year almost, but it was definitely the best!! Was 100% hard for the majority of the time!

I wasnt a 100% hard all the 20-25 mins we had actual sex, but ya, it was 0% few months back, so I guess I have come a long long way. Sex was amazing, I used a condom, without that perhaps it would have been even better. For the 1st time perhaps in many years I was erect even with a condom on.

Maybe I have developed a delayed ejaculation, but am confident that it will cure over time using no PM. It’s far better than PIED but still have to be cured.

So guys NOFAP DOES WORK!!! At least for me it did, and it did real quick!!

Anyways @Alexander wonderful work you did by creating this forum! it had answered weirdest of my questions at times, and helped me to know that I am not alone going through all these. Thank you!!

@seaguy44 Man!!! Thank you!! You were there supporting here on my best and worst of days!! The Person who always helped and advised me all though this journey!! Thank you!!

LINK – NoFap – Its true – Successful sex after severe PIED!!!

by Rick Seng