Age 28 – Enjoying dating and new freedom from “Must Masturbate”


I don’t crave porn anymore. Literally, I don’t think about it almost ever. Sometimes I still have feelings of “missing out” on things with the NSFW tag on r/all. (I’m not hiding all NSFW stuff, because it’s easy to tell what’s porn and what’s just crazy shit.) But, that feeling is immediately followed by a voice that says “but what’s the point?” When I see a sexy image pop up somewhere, I generally just avert my eyes.

I feel like I’m 16 again a lot of the time when I’m around beautiful women. (I’m 28, btw.) It’s not a fiendish horniness like I’ve been feeling for several years. It’s more like PASSION. Maybe you can relate? It feels great.

I’m dating again. Dating used to feel like it was just a means to getting a girlfriend, i.e. a source of sex. Now, it’s very different. I want take things slowly and enjoy every step of getting to know a woman. If she’s not fun to talk to, I don’t really want to take things further. Used to be, if she looked good (and tbh, often even if she didn’t) and was interested in me, I’d just try to smooth my way into getting something sexual.

There’s someone I’ve been on a couple dates with — #3 is tonight — and I’m just genuinely having a lot of fun and feeling good being around her. We can be affectionate and kiss without being sexual. Obviously, she turns me on a lot, but I feel like there’s no rush to sleep with her, and I don’t feel like sex is the “goal” even though it’s something I still really want.

There are another couple somebodies who are also really sweet on me, and I just enjoy being around these beautiful women and getting attention from them. I’m reasonably attractive, I guess, but I feel like the women I’ve been getting attention from are out of my league. Whatever. I’m worthy of their attention and it’s nice that we can think of each other as equals now!

More than anything, I feel free not HAVING to masturbate every day. I mean, fuck! I spent a solid 15 years jerking off and/or having sex every single day. I didn’t even realize I didn’t have to. I DIDN’T REALIZE!

Some of this could also be age, as I know a lot of you guys are a decade or more younger than I am. I applaud you young guys! I wish I’d spent my teens and twenties doing something of greater value. Good luck, gents.

LINK – 62 days! Progress report.

By abeannis