Age 28 – Got a gf, lost virginity

Just a post about my success so far and some realistic look into benefits and struggles I still have. I’ve been free of internet porn for almost two months now. I quit because I began dating someone nearly two months ago, and she asked me not to do it so I quit. Shortly thereafter I got my first girlfriend in 7 years. And lost my virginity to someone who loves me and holds me close.

I find it’s so much easier not to look at porn. I have MO to pictures she has sent me I think like 3x and has sex quite a few but I’m still reaching my goals of quitting porn so I’ll say I’m succeeding in what I set out to do.

Despite all these great things, I’ve noticed some issues that just come with life. First off I definitely have ED because of the years of porn and possibly other things. Had to take pills for my first time having sex.

Pretty embarrassing. It also takes like 20-30 minutes to finish and sometimes I don’t finish. And she doesn’t want sex as often as I do but that’s just part of a relationship.

That aside, I’m a happier person overall. I finally got the girl of my dreams. We’re probably gonna get married. PMO was such a waste of time. I talk to her, she kisses me and loves me, and was understanding of my past with PMO. I have to credit her for helping me quit. Sure sometimes I may still wanna watch it, but the thought of breaking her heart is just unbearable.

Listen guys, if I can get a gf after a 7 year dry spell and dating 20+ people and getting turned down, ghosted, or dumped by all of them, so can you.

Find some hobbies, make friends, lift weights. All of these things helped motivate me to quit. It’s not magic, it will not make you an “absolute stud” but it will make you more confident and make you realize that you’ve been worthy of love this whole time, and women will pick up on that. Good luck every body.

We’re all gonna make it brah.

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By: RealV8