Age 28 – I cured PIED: then went back into old habits and it came back.

Previous because, well I went back into old habits but I thought I should post my story anyways, because I KNOW nofap works.

Since I was around 13 I have watched hardcore internet porn (I am 28 now). This completely destroyed my interest in real women, made me develop weird fantasies that I would dream of at night, I would PMO several times a day, would go through periods of depression and major procrastination.

I never had a girlfriend, despite being tall and what many girls have described as “handsome”. I can recall many girls in junior and high school who flirted with me and one specific case of a girl straight up asking ME out in 10th grade..and she was pretty hot. But I rejected them ALL. I was kind of nervous of them but also didn’t care about them too much….why? Because I could just go home and watch my favorite girls and PMO. How else was I screwed up with women? Well the first woman I ever had sex with was….a prostitute. Women were simply a tool for sex to me, in my mind. I was 16 years old when I did that.

I got my first girlfriend in my first year in college…how did I get her? Online dating, nothing against online dating but it’s ironic I did know…ONLINE. Anyway things went ok, but I was always confused why my libido didn’t seem as high as it should with her. We were long distance and eventually, when I was 22, during one of her visits with me…I COULD NOT get it up. Not even once! It scared the crap out of me, but I figured maybe I was just nervous…so a few months later I saw her again and the same thing! I failed multiple times to get it up! During her two week visit, only on the very last day did I get it up to have very bad sex.

It scared the crap out of me and I knew there was truly something wrong, so I did tons of research and discovered yourbrainrebalanced: I went on hardmode after that and went for about 4 months with no relapse.

GOOD NEWS: I was about 70% CURED by day 30 to 40 (don’t remember exact day). I saw my long distance- GF again and I got super hard just by her touching me! It was awesome! It was exactly how I imagined how I should have been. *Every single time* we tried to have sex, I was hard and could perform! I saw her again in about the 4th month of my streak and I was still getting hard…but I did develop premature ejaculation (spasming of my I think BC muscle) which I now think could have been “cured” by reverse kegels which I will look into but I digress.

I know this works, I have already done it. During my streak, I didn’t have stupid weird fantasies, didn’t ever think of prostitutes, I made some girl-friends (as in girls who are friends) my brain fog went away, didn’t really feel depressed, started working out (still do) etc.

Bad news: briefly, since this post is a success story, I did eventually relapse and from 23-27 I watched porn 2-3x a week since I had NoFap in the back of my mind…a big improvement from my 2-3x a DAY but still not ideal. I started to develop the same weird ideas and occasional depression again…not as bad as before but it did come back. As of 2018, I went all the way back to 1-2x a day…and it’s been BAD again.

Currently 3 weeks without porn (but did MO to fantasy a week ago so I count it as a relapse). It works, I know it works, and that’s enough for me to get rid of porn. I am suffering from PIED again, but I know it’ll go away again…maybe it’ll take longer than last time but so be it. I know it works. To anyone reading this, it’ll work for you too (do a PIED test to check if it’s not something medical though).

Thanks for reading.

LINK – My previous success story, PIED totally cured.

by icantbelieveit