Age 28 – I had pied at the age of 14. Hardmode worked!

This is insane!!! I just believed that rebooting really works! this is 100000%. Listen to Gabe Deem!!!

My experience

I count my self as one of the most severe PIED case. I had pied at the age of 14. not exaggerating.

Past 7 months before hardmode I was on normal mode. I had orgasms with GF but now I understand that orgasms really makes the progress slow. I was scared to go hardmode because being in relationship its really hard. the main indicator of my pied was cold and extremely shrunk penis. through the shrinkage was fading away really slowsly. I understood that I cant achieve anything without hardmode so 39 days ago I started hardmode.(no porn no masturbation no orgasm)

yesterday night before sleep I fantasized about my gf and I had 80% hard boner for 25 minutes. it has never happened before in my last 14 years. im 28(this proves the fact that anyone, even most severe case can be recovered) I’m not bragging but my penis girth was 3 times bigger. the shrinkage is away.

my penis seems like 2-3 times bigger now comparing to before it was extremely shrunk. when i grab it, it feels really warm and full. i havent had this kind of experience after my childhood. no more turtlehead shitty feeling when I grab penis. my penis doesnt feel like its only head. my morning wood is back. couple of days ago i had 80% hard morning wood and it lasted even 5 minutes when i stood up.(remember losing erection while standing up is one of the worst symptoms of pied).

right now I can achieve 60% erection just with the fantasizing and with light touch. and everything just in 39 days. I guess past 7 months of normal mode also counts. I doubt I could get this results in the first months if i went to hardmode. the only thing is not cured is I cant maintain erection for long time. now my only goal is to achieve 100% erection while standing and to last around 20 minutes. I guess I’m on the halfway cured. my Theory is that dont believe 90 days of reboot only. hardmode just makes the progress 5x faster. for example if you need 20 months of normal mode to get cured, you can go 10 months normal mode and 2 months hardmode and you will be cured. in severe cases you need more. either hardmode either normal mode, they both cure but hardmode is 5x times better.

most my experiments and learning were correct i guess. Gabe deem was right, the only rule here is to avoid artificial sexual stimuli. for some people is beneficial or maybe necessary to stop orgasming completely for a period of time. the only thing which cures you is listening to this rule multiplied by time. I had constant doubts if the reboot worked. I went to visit 10 different pro doctors. they couldnt help. used reaallyyy many types of pills, medicines etc. they never helped. I really hope now when i go to 90 days I will slowly start having sex with ED pills and they will start working. because they didnt work before. and this time I will get cured slowly but i will save my relationship.

you can check my experiments/learning:

I was one of the most stubborn person to believe that reboot was real but I was so desperate I didnt have any other options left. now I see. all of these stories are true!!! I have always been thinking this is not real, this is too good to be real. i have 14 years of pied. I’m not completely healed but now I’m pretty sure I will recover.

so if I recover, you will recover. you will merely find someone who had PIED since 14 years so here I am. Im getting cured. I really hope I will write successful story of getting completely cured soon but, I dont care if it takes even more than 1 year if I can have sex with pills, save my relationship and getting cured slowly. I’m happy, my skin is clear, my mood is good, my sever depression alleviated by 90%. I will be definitely cured! and I will be definitely happy which i never been before!

You will recover as well!!!

LINK – OMG!!! Benefits are real!!! Rebooting works! 7month normal mode +39 day hardmode

by Puggler