Age 28 – I’m the $500,000 in debt guy: time for a 1 year update


99 percent of you won’t remember my first post on nofap, so I thought I would list a couple of the highlights if you want to go back and revisit it. I’m 28 and 500,000 in debt. Student loans. I flunked out of medical school. I failed summer of 2015. I was sleeping 12-16 hours a day, I ballooned up to 205 lbs (5’9) and I had lost a significant amount of hair.

I managed to get a job as a teacher despite not being able to fit into any of my old suits.

I started teaching emotionally disturbed students. These kids would legit come in with knives and rocks. I was living with my abusive parents again. They blamed me for everything wrong in their lives. The whole reason I went to med school was because of them.

I meet this girl..

My parents try to break us up, they don’t like me dating. They want me to focus on going back to medical school. They had been banking on me being their retirement check. Work is spiraling out of control, kids are emotionally damaged beyond repair, teachers are leaving every month, I’m the only one that stays.

I start fighting back.

My skin gets thicker, I stop masturbating.

Girlfriend gets a good job in another state; I agree to move away with her.

And so it’s been a year and I think a couple of updates are in order

  1. I’ve been living with the girl for about a year now and its been amazing. We’ve been together for a little over 2 years now and are talking about getting engaged next year…
  2. I stopped my hair loss and got a shocking amount of it back through a full court press treatment barrage of – rogaine twice a day and finasteride (propecia 1mg daily).
  3. As far as weight is concerned, we both work hard to keep eachother on track. When she gets upset about it, I get doubly upset, so we revamp and reevaluate how to approach the problem. Lately we’ve been working on sticking to a 3 days of keto 1 day off plan and it’s been working. We’ve both gotten happier with our bodies. (We drink a lot of Atkins shakes because we work a ton and its tough to stay on top of meal prep)
  4. I stay in touch with a good friend I made from a PM off nofap. All I have to say is this kid is going places, and I’m honestly in awe of the amazing things he’s doing with his life.
  5. As far as the debt – I’ve stabilized my finances and career, and am able to live comfortably in a nice part of town with my girlfriend. We can go out, eat and I get to save a little. I’m doing a little adjunct teaching on the side and I’m in the interview process for some nice private schools. I’ve actually got one tomorrow I’m a little nervous about.

Future plans

For the debt – My parents are coming around and are helping me slay some of the most malicious ones. They really like the girl and kind also want grandkids, so I think they’re all in on me succeeding again. I’ve also looked into a couple lawyers that are going to help get my interest rates down to negligible amounts, which would really change the whole game for me.

Addiction – At this point it’s obvious that my issues really come from addiction. Porn is kinda the cornerstone of a lot of my issues, but so much triggers me it’s insane. Instagram, facebook, hidden folders on my computer, anticipation of texts, YouTube feeds, Netflix, caffeine etc etc.

Now I’m in the process of clipping all these things from my life so that my brain can reacclimate to a more normal set point.

Check this guy out – Kevin McCauley

His videos on addiction really shed light on what’s going on in the brain when it comes to any sort of addiction and why we slip back into our old habits. Really high yield informative stuff.

But that’s about it. I hope this update helps someone. I just want everyone to know that no matter how dark things may seem, there is always light. There are always people pulling for you no matter how bad things get, and if you need a friend, we’re all here.

Good luck Fapstronauts.

LINK – I’m the $500,000 in debt guy, time for a 1 year update

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