Age 28 – Increased motivation & energy, reduced social anxiety, improved sexual health, clear, assertive, yet calmer

Hello ladies and gentleman. I’m pleased that I’ve made it to 50 days and not had an M.O relapse. (I’ve been close on a few occasions.) I am porn free for about 3 years. I have struggled with this habit for a long time and it’s nice to get a bit of space away from it. I used to wonder why I couldn’t stay hard for women when they were hot. It was humiliating. What have I learnt in this time? Urges can come on strong at certain points during the process so you have to stay in the zone. I had a flatline for a period of time. I haven’t worked a perfect recovery program but I try my best.

Benefits from this experience so far?

1. Increased motivation to complete tasks such as housework, physical training, errands, employment, daily to-do-lists
2. Reduced social anxiety
3. Clean conscience and feeling of peace
4. More confidence
5. More respect from other men
6. Improved sexual health
7. More energy
8. Deeper more resonant voice
9. Clearer thinking capacity
10. Reduced shame and guilt
11. Better workouts
12. More assertive
13. Greater feeling of masculinity
14. Calmer and more resistant to stress
15. New girlfriend who is hot!

These are some of the benefits I have noticed. I’m going to try and do 90+ days to get a full reboot. I focus on eating a healthy balanced diet- lots of fruit and veggies, lean proteins and whole grains. I also take multi-vitamins, b-complex, vitamin D. I like to do bodyweight workouts and cardio. I try to manage my thoughts and if they are unclean, I pray to God, talk to friends and think through the negative consequences of a relapse.

I like to do hobbies like playing my electric guitar, singing, dance and learn new languages. I find this forum very useful. Just a bit of background- I watched porn from 13 years of age onwards. I didn’t see it as a problem until I tried to stop and found I couldn’t! I had to admit I was powerless over my lust and my addiction and embrace a power greater than myself and the support and encouragement of other people. I always work hard in the area of self-improvement. I want to get to the point when I have no urges to look at bad stuff….

I hope some of this helps and inspires you to make positive changes in your life….if I can do it, then so can you…sometimes we do relapse…it’s ok…learn from it and move on! my porn use gradually increased over time. Along with alcohol and drug abuse, this habit was like another drug to me. It screwed with my head and my desires. I don’t want to go back.

LINK – 50 days and beyond

by on_a_mission4truth