Age 28 – More confidence. Don’t take BS. I’m not handsome but I feel more attractive. I feel more manly


I just saw my badge. It’s my first time reaching 90 days. It feels good to be here, but frankly I don’t feel I accomplished anything special. Now it’s just a number for me. It was not my goal, so you know I’m not going to relapse to celebrate or something. My goal is a better life and nofap is just a part of it, although an important part.

I will keep it short. Some of the benefits I’m noticing:

  • More confidence
  • Can’t take bullshit from people
  • Better results in gym
  • I’m not handsome, but I feel more attractive
  • I walk different. Like I own the pavement :d
  • I feel more manly
  • Taking cold showers too which enhances all the results

So, see you soon in 90 days. Stay clean fapstronauts.

LINK – 90 days

by farshadnm